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The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman thinks Activision FPS "could be worthwhile"

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When Telltale approached Walking Dead comic creator Robert Kirkman with a proposal for an episodic adventure series based on his shambling works, he lauded the studio's plan to approach it with "decision-making and consequences rather than ammunition-gathering or jumping over things," as he told Game Informer in an interview. But what about the ammo-heavy and jumpy Walking Dead FPS Activision announced in July? In the same interview, Kirkman said Activision's given material could deliver a "worthwhile experience."

The Walking Dead creator on the Telltale game: "I'm really quite taken with it"

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Robert Kirkman, the original creator of the Walking Dead comics that spawned the AMC TV show and Telltale adventure game series of the same name recently spoke with IGN about said game. He had some very positive things to say.

The Walking Dead review

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Adapting something already-beloved into a game isn’t a job anyone should want. Games have their own set of restrictions and expectations, and designing around those while trying to execute your own creative vision tends to create compromises scary enough to dress up as for Halloween.