Ride To Hell: Retribution

Ride to Hell: Retribution releases today, but the trailer still hides the gameplay

Ian Birnbaum at

Ride to Hell: Retribution, the 1960s motorcycle gang adventure game, hasn’t gotten much publicity recently, even though the game is out today. We saw a trailer a couple of months ago that was underwhelming, and since then it’s been radio silence. With the dawn of release day, though, comes a launch trailer that still doesn’t show a single second of actual gameplay. Hmm.

Ride To Hell: Retribution trailer wheelies in for violence and cliches

Phil Savage at

I think this trailer for Deep Silver's Ride To Hell: Retribution may rival The Showdown Effect for number of eye-roll inducing cliches packed into one short teaser. But where that was playing on the cartoony action of 80s blockbusters, this is an entirely more gritty affair with a (heavily Tarantino inspired) grindhouse feel. It's an odd one. Last seen back in 2008, Ride To Hell appeared to be an open world game about biker gangs - a sort of Sons of Anarchy: The Game. Now its resurfaced five years later as a B-movie brawler.