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World of Darkness will feature a "poetic" UI. It's "not going to look like a game"

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World of Darkness is an upcoming MMO from CCP, creators of EVE Online. And it's shaping up to be something truly special. This is a single server MMO where politics are more important than crafting, where guns are toys, and blood is more valuable than gold. It'll take place in a real-world setting packed with thirsty vampires.

I'm asking World of Darkness' creative director if his MMO will be concerned with hotkeys and cooldowns.

Reynir Hardarson: Hotkeys and cooldowns (laughs). Yes, you can map hotkeys if you like. The cooldown system is a little different. It's based on plot and I'm not going to go into detail on it.

PC Gamer: But it's going to look like a standard MMO interface, right?

Reynir Hardarson: It's a bit more poetic actually.

PC Gamer: Poetic?

World of Darkness players can try to stay human, but guns are only good as a "fashion accessory"

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World of Darkness is an upcoming MMO from CCP, creators of emergent, player-driven, space opera, EVE Online. And it's going to be something truly special. Players will exist on a single server where politics are more important than crafting. A place where powerful players can kill off their enemies, forever. We've already talked about that side of things, and now we're going to share more secrets.

Every World of Darkness player will begin their experience in human form. How long will you survive in a server packed with bloodsuckers? That's yet to be seen.

World of Darkness permadeath and politics: "Hanging out in bars could be a powerful play"

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World of Darkness is an upcoming MMO RPG set in Mark Rein Hagen's vampire-centric universe. He later went on to create White Wolf, the studio responsible for 1991's critically acclaimed Vampire: The Masquerade.

The truly exciting thing? CCP, creators of revolutionary sci-fi sandbox EVE Online, are in charge.

World of Darkness is taking tired MMO convention and slicing its throat. Then it's smearing the result all over a single server universe where the fight for political influence is just as important as the literal battle for blood. Get enough power and you can kill off someone's character, permanently.

I got a chance to speak to creative director Reynir Hardarson about the revolutionary mechanics. His words had us both shaking with excitement. Oh, and forget any notion of teenage fantasy. As Reynir pointed out to a relieved crowd at last week's fanfest: CCP are "not making Twilight."

The Making of EVE Online

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Ingólfr Arnarson left Norway in a flimsy boat made of wood and beaten metal in 874 AD. He left to find somewhere colder, harsher, more unforgiving than his cold, harsh, unforgiving homeland. He found Iceland. A millennium and a century later, in the country Ingólfr forged, another set of pioneers got an idea in their heads. It was an idea of similar insanity and danger, one that demanded they brave high water to create a new existence. Like Ingólfr, they sailed off in the darkness of the Arctic winter for a new home. They found EVE.

The Reykjavik head office of CCP, creator of the galactic bastard sim, EVE Online, feels like an outpost on the edge of the world. Look at the right angle from the main boardroom’s giant windows and you’d swear human beings had never laid foot in Iceland – if it wasn’t for the few CCP staff members mid smoke-break gripping solid steel railings on the balcony outside and bracing against the wind.