Terraria creator asks what YOU would like to see in a possible update

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It seems today is a good day to speak to the community and ask them how you should update your game. Following the news that Terraria is being ported to consoles with a bunch of new features including split-screen support, a world map and even a new final boss, developer Andrew 'Redigit' Spinks has hinted at a potential update to the PC version of the game. He's taken to the forums to ask players what they want to see, and (at the time of writing) he's received 40 pages worth of replies.

Terrraria patch 1.1 to add new bosses, monsters, NPCs, hard mode and Unreal Megashark

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Terraria 1.1 will be released on December 1, according to a post from the developers on the Terraria forums. The huge update will add 39 new monsters, four new bosses (including a hideous Wall of Flesh), three NPCs, 222 items, four armour sets and 21 accessories.

Re-logic haven't revealed too much information, preferring to let players discover the new items and bosses for themselves when the update hits. They do say that there's a new hard mode activated by "taking revenge" on The Guide NPC in hell. You'll then have to "destroy a giant creature made out of left over body parts that pukes up worms and shoot lasers out of it's eyes" to unlock the new challenges and harder enemies. "You will probably die. A lot" warns Redigit on the Terraria forums.

The 5 best Terraria mods

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Terraria hasn't been out long, but if our servers are any indication it's incredibly popular. We've rounded up the best early mods for the builder/explorer/platformer sandbox. You'll almost definitely want to check out some of these.