Red Cross

Arma 3 mod contest offers one-week journey to real-world conflict zone

Andy Chalk at

Videogame war is fun. Real war is hell. It's a distinction that Arma 3 studio Bohemia Interactive seems anxious to make with the addition of a new and unique prize to its "Make Arma, Not War" content creation contest: the company will send a lucky winner to a conflict zone on a humanitarian mission providing aid to people displaced or harmed by the ravages of war.

League of Legend's Akali champion and nurse skin raise over $160,000 for Red Cross

Josh Augustine at

Two weeks ago, Riot Games announced that players could donate money to the Red Cross by purchasing the Akali champion or her Nurse skin between March 21 and 27: all proceeds from the sale of the champion and the skin during that time would be donated directly to the Red Cross to aid relief efforts in Japan. Over the course of those six days, LoL players raised over $160,000.

Team Fortress 2 selling $100, $20, $7 hats for Japan aid

Evan Lahti at

Valve has just deployed a two-week sale on three unique Team Fortress 2 hats, the proceeds of which will go entirely to the American Red Cross fund. Respectfully, we feel obligated to give this promotion a plug: we know your hunger for conspicuous hat consumption, PC gamers, and any transaction that helps relieve the immense toll of this disaster benefits us all. Click within for a peek at the headgear.