ADATA's latest XPG V2 RAM modules push ahead of the competition with 3,100 MHz speeds

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Big numbers are certainly good for headlines and the new RAM kits in ADATA’s XPG V2 range have some of the biggest in the system memory world. Their new DDR3 modules are rated at 3,100MHz - which is some 100MHz quicker than RAM rivals G.Skill have managed so far. But how important is RAM in a modern rig? Are all those hertz necessary? Let's talk more numbers.

Crucial announces super low-profile RAM kits

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Crucial has announced a range of serious, performance RAM modules which barely stick their heads above the DIMM slots on your mobo. This is particularly useful in overclocked systems where that space is already in high demand: air coolers often impinge on the area around the CPU socket to the extent that the fans can interfere with the RAM slots on your motherboard.

If you’re into getting the most out of your PC through overclocking the chances are you’ve got some enthusiast memory installed, and chances are that enthusiast RAM has an unnecessarily large heatsink sat on top of it to make it look, well, kind of cool and angry. Those heatsinks are supposedly there to keep the RAM modules cool, but modern memory rarely needs such cooling and these attachments have largely become indicators of enthusiast-class sticks rather than having any real function. This is the niche area where low profile memory kits come in, like Crucial's Ballistix Tactical LP and the Crucial Ballistix Sport VLP.

Kingston reveal Beast 64GB RAM, new SSDs and obsession with manly nomenclature

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Memory specialists Kingston have hit us with a one-two combo of brand new solid state drives and a whole new memory module they’re calling the Beast.

As if the memory market wasn't already macho enough, Kingston are looking to sex things up with the latest addition to their Predator line-up of memory upgrades. It’s all ostensibly dual-channel DDR3 in speeds ranging from 1600MHz up to 2400MHz and in kits of up to 64GB (sixty-four gigabytes! I felt that needed emphasising), with a range of memory latency ratings too. The Beast title is being given to the modules carrying the new “viciously aggressive” heatspreader design and that 64GB capacity is the largest in the HyperX performance memory family.