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Shadow of the Eternals' retooled crowdfunding campaign didn't make its goal

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It's been a rocky road for Shadow of the Eternals, the Eternal Darkness spiritual successor that so desperately wants to grow out of the awkward conceptualization stage and become a real game. First there was the weird, Kickstarter-like thing on their own website; then came an actual Kickstarter campaign, which was quickly pulled for "retooling." Now, their final crowdfunding campaign has concluded without making its $750,000 goal, though the developer is not giving up hope.

Denis Dyack on restarting Shadow of the Eternals

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Shadow of the Eternals has had a bit of a rough time getting started. The spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness had a rocky debut on Kickstarter earlier this year, being withdrawn from crowdfunding in June after reaching only 10 percent of its goal with 15 days remaining.

But Precursor Games has re-emerged with a new Kickstarter for Eternals, asking for a lower funding goal and promising the gruff baritone of David Hayter a place in the game. We had the opportunity to speak with Precursor’s Denis Dyack for a brief overview on why Precursor pulled the plug on the original funding effort and what plans the studio has for Eternals on the PC.

Shadow of the Eternals pulls its crowdfunding campaign

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Shadow of the Eternals developer Precursor Games has "temporarily" withdrawn its Kickstarter campaign, with 15 days left in its funding period and with less than 10% of its goal met.

Shadow of the Eternals crowdfunding goes live, along with a lengthy gameplay video

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The crowdfunding campaign for Eternal Darkness' spiritual successor has gone live, along with nine minutes of footage that feature a lot of talking, slightly less walking, and even a quick encounter with a sort of porcupine monster - albeit cinematically. As they're based in Canada, developers Precursor Games can't go down the Kickstarter route, so they've set up a very Kickstarter-like section on their own site. Be wary, however, as their campaign is of the flexible funding variety, meaning even if they don't reach their $1.5m target, they'll get to keep everything they've raised.