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Monaco's fourth and final free update is "brutally difficult", you'll be pleased to hear

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After years of development, and years of post-development, Pocketwatch Games have finally stopped tinkering with their stylish top-down heist-'em-up Monaco. The fourth and final free update, the aptly named Fin, adds a "brutally difficult" new eight-level campaign to the game, as announced on Steam a couple of days ago. To celebrate the end of a brilliantly heisty era, Monaco's price has been slashed by 75% for the next two days. If you'd rather experience the game over one beautiful weekend instead, it's also currently (temporarily) free.

Monaco creators announce [ARMADA], a controller friendly RTS

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As an old C&C fan, I do sympathise with Pocketwatch Games's micro frustration. Whatever happened to the days when speed and skill were less important than the ability to build 50 Mammoth tanks? I'm only slightly joking. It does increasingly seem that the economic-based macro game is taking a back seat, in favour of the very different excitement and strategy that is high-level soldier manipulation. As an alternative, the Monaco makers are designing [ARMADA], a game so opposed to APM that it's being designed primarily for the controller.

Monaco update brings new mini-campaign, zombie mode, Linux support

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Andy Schatz has broken into his own game. Not to steal something, though. While that would be true to theme of Monaco, it would also be somewhat self-defeating. Instead, he's planted a new mini-campaign. It's called Monaco Origins, because video games. In addition, you'll also find Linux support, in preparation for SteamOS, and a zombie mode, possibly in preparation for Halloween. That or, again, because video games.

Monaco getting Linux version on Monday, along with "a ton of free/new content"

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Monaco - the excellent four-player stealth/heist game from Pocketwatch Games - hasn't quite lit the world on fire as I thought it would, but for all I know there could a million Linux users sitting at their PCs right now waiting for a cracking co-op game to get stuck into. They'll be well catered-for on Monday, when Monaco: What's Thief's Was Originally Mine breaks into the open prison known as Linux. It will come with "a ton of free/new content", though the cunning devils at Pocketwatch haven't elaborated any further.

Monaco developer may add two more competitive modes

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Thievery's hard, yo. That's something Monaco developer Andy Schatz discovered in the process of formulating two new competitive modes for the top-down stealth game. Neither made it to the final released version, but they sound like a lot of fun, and Schatz still hopes that at least one of them will become a future DLC.

Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine review

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Monaco is a neon-blooded marriage of Pac-Man and Thief, a grand tribute both to 1920s silent comedy capers and to modern-day heist movies. It’s Ocean’s Eleven meets Keystone Cops, played out top-down in a world of living blueprints. It’s a criminal take on Laurel and Hardy, except with a four-man band instead of the dysfunctional duo. By and large, Monaco is one of those rare games that somehow stay magnificent regardless of whether you’re getting things right or your mission has turned into an eight-lane car crash.

Monaco trailer introduces you to the infiltration experts

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Inspired by this team round-up trailer for top-down co-op heist game Monaco, I've started to assemble my own crack squad of international thieves. I've already secured "The Foot" - whose freakishly swollen left hoof should prove useful for kicking down doors - and "The Steve". He doesn't have any innate criminal super-skills as such, but he does have a van, which strikes me as useful.

Monaco executing its release plan on April 24

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Pocketwatch's top-down heist game Monaco picked up a lot of attention from us for its co-op team of specialized burglars and the carefully constructed capers they can execute. After years spent in the boiler, it's ready for go-time. Monaco's Twitter account says the robbing will begin April 24 on Steam.

Monaco designer: "I think stretch goals are bulls***"

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In an interview with Penny Arcade Report (via PCGamesN), Monaco designer Andy Schatz shared his thoughts on Kickstarter campaigns and the inclusion of stretch goals—promises made at tiers above the minimum funding goal—bluntly calling the latter "bulls***" and "the perfect way to make a game that's insufficiently complete or bloated."

Monaco multiplayer movie musters merriment

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Top-down indie heist ‘em up Monaco: What's yours is mine has a new trailer, according to those lovely chaps over at RPS. Soundtracked with an authentic-sounding plinky-plonk piano, it highlights the multiplayer portion of the game. It’s definitely best viewed in full-screen at 1080p, otherwise it just looks like something a nine-year-old made in the 1995 Micro Machines engine. It still looks like damn good fun, though, and it's hugely impressive due to the fact that it was born of the depression of one man.