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Sony Worldwide Studios boss admits scepticism towards Steam Machines

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Sony is in an enviable position at the moment: it’s claimed an early victory in the next-gen console wars, with sales of the PlayStation 4 edging ahead of its closest rival the Xbox One. Of course, gaming is a volatile industry and you just never know what’s going to happen. Sony Worldwide Studios boss Adam Rohde agrees, admitting in an interview that the Steam Machine may compete in the same space one day, but that Valve has a lot of work to do to make this happen.

PS4 DualShock 4 on PC: how to make it work

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Sony’s PlayStation 4 is the first of the new console generation to find its way into gaming hands. That’s great for console gamers, but probably doesn’t do much for PC gamers. What will benefit us, as we sail past the newest console’s resolutions on our way to 4K?

Chris Roberts: Star Citizen is a PC game, will never be "dumbed down for a lesser platform"

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There’s nothing PC gamers love quite as much as a good rumor. We had a bunch of Fallout 4 speculation crop up over the weekend, and some doomsayers are claiming the end of the world will be brought about by a freakishly powerful rig cobbled together by mad scientists. Now the skies of Star Citizen are falling because someone spotted a PlayStation 4 dev kit in a picture posted by the developers. Taking to the community forums, creator Chris Roberts addressed rumors that Star Citizen would be dumbed down for console release—and destroyed them.

"Basic functions" of PlayStation 4 controller will work by default on Windows

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President of Worldwide Studios for Sony Computer Entetainment Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed over Twitter that the “basic functions” of the PS4’s DualShock 4 will be compatible on Windows PCs without the need for additional drivers.

Nvidia VP: "There's no way a 200-watt Xbox is going to beat a 1,000-watt PC"

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Nvidia is suddenly all over the news this week, announcing that it's working with the new SteamOS and boasting about how much more powerful PCs are than consoles. Given that Nvidia was skipped over for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, it's understandable that it wants PC gamers to know it loves us very, very much.

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture now PS4 exclusive, no PC release in sight

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Another casualty in the great console exclusivity war has taken place in the form of the bleak, post-apocalyptic survival title, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, or The Chinese Room’s latest game that doesn't involve avoiding murderous pig monsters. Probably.

What can the PC learn from the new generation of console hardware?

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We don't like to get too partisan here on PC Gamer - let's face it, our allegiances are pretty clear. Not to mention the fact that no-one can deny that console gaming has had a particularly terrible couple of weeks. Who'd have thought that the still primarily discs-and-retail focussed platform would be the one the kill the concept of ownership dead?

But looking beyond Microsoft's actually-worse-than-Apple approach to digital ownership, has there been anything released so far about the generation of under-telly hardware that we can learn from over here in PC-land? Below is our e attempt to look past Microsoft's spectacular XBone goals and see if there's anything in the new machines worth emulating in all this talk about powerful cloud computing, GDDR 5 RAM and one-touch share controls.

E3 2013: What the next gen consoles mean for the PC

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Xbox One. PS4. What effect will the poster children of E3 2013 have on the future of PC Gaming? Will new hardware architecture mean more high-profile PC ports or—dare we say it—PC-led titles that are ported for consoles afterwards? Are Microsoft's touted 15 exclusive launch titles going to be anything we'd even want in the first place? Will the pull of the indie scene be enough to turn gamers away from hardware manufacturers that shun them? We chew on this, and feed you our analysis like a mother bird to her chicks.

E3 2013: The impact on the PC

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The new consoles have the spotlight at E3 2013 this year, but what will the expo's many reveals, demos, hardware rollouts, and buzzwords mean for the PC? Is this even a show for us at all, with the focus on the brick and mortar retail market? We discuss the implications, and speculate on which of the big, all-star console titles will eventually make it to our corner of the gaming universe.

Epic exec equates PS4 to "a really perfect gaming PC"

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Epic Games Vice President Mark Rein stated support for Sony's PlayStation 4 console in an interview with CVG. Understandable so far, but then out comes this comment: "The kind of stuff that Sony announced it's doing, the level of convenience and things like that shows it's making a really perfect gaming PC." Well, then.

Avalanche: "The PS4 will out-power most PCs for years to come"

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Before you reach for your keyboard-shaped axe in fury, know that Avalanche co-founder Linus Blomberg is specifically referring to the next-gen console's 8GB of GDDR5 RAM. That's an impressive leap for living-room gaming, especially since DDR5 system RAM isn't yet available for PCs—though we believe you can achieve comparable power with less over-the-top hardware. Still, Blomberg's thoughts in a GamingBolt interview show Sony's newest baby impressed a number of industry members.

PC Gamer US Podcast #345 - Does PS4 Even Lift?

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This week, Tyler, Omri, and roguish host/space cowboy T.J. discuss whether or not Sony's PS4 announcement is relevant to PC gamers. And if it is, how relevant is it, really? Also, Nvidia's GTX Titan card, the return of Blizzcon, Crysis 3, and BioShock Infinite.

Plus listener questions and playlists, on a short but sweet PC Gamer Podcast 345: Does PS4 Even Lift?

The PS4 version of Diablo 3 may have offline co-op, no word on PC equivalent

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In a video which has now been removed from YouTube (via the RPS forums), a Blizzard rep announced the addition of offline, shared-screen co-op to the PlayStation 4 port of Diablo 3. Whether this is strictly co-op, or will allow single-player offline as well, wasn't specified, but it seems odd that offline play would be present and restricted to co-op. There's no word on whether the feature will make it to PC, and Blizzard tells PC Gamer that it is not yet ready to share anything on the subject.

PC Gamer vs. PlayStation 4: How much does a comparable rig cost right now?

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Ah Sony, you never quite got the PC did you? The Vaio range of laptops were nice-looking and all, but overpriced lumps might be best used to describe them. And now you’re making a PC-based console in the guise of the new PlayStation 4.

At least it’ll mean all the poorly coded console ports we've cursed our way through ought to be a thing of the past as everybody will essentially be writing for PC hardware now. Good times. So, with this "next-gen" future now so very close on the horizon with Sony finally kicking off the great closed-box bun-fight, what will it take to build a PlayStation 4-a-like PC?

Playstation 4 details hint at next-gen specs

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The first clues as to how powerful the next generation of consoles will be has popped up on Edge. "Sources close to the hardware" clued them in on a more PC-like, developer-friendly architecture that will run on a 1.6GHZ eight-core AMD CPU. Current dev kits are apparently running on 4GB of GDDR5 RAM. More below.