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Risen 3 trailer looks to the past, rounds up returning features

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Do I have room for Risen 3? In a year filled with giant RPGs, and preceding what looks to be another year filled with giant RPGs, I don't know if the linear flow time will allow me to squeeze another giant RPG into my list. The game is certainly making a case for it though—Piranha Bytes have released an 11+ minute feature, covering the returning features from past Risen and Gothic games.

Risen 3: Titan Lords officially announced, is due out this August

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Looking out over the vast and metaphorical landscape of 2014, vast craters have scarred the Earth. These all-consuming acres of destruction represent the RPGs that will be unleashed upon our spare time. Whether it's Pillars of Eternity, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Wasteland 2 or The Witcher 3, there are long, winding and morally flexible roads expanding out in every direction. Before you try to unravel this sprawling adventure, pay heed to another RPG that's soon to emerge from the depths of PC development. Piranha Bytes have officially unveiled Risen 3: Titan Lords.

Risen 2 screenshots show sunny scenes, golems and piracy

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I found myself falling into the trap of thinking that Risen 2 was much gloomier than it actually is. First, there was that tag line,"Dark Waters," then there was the grimy back-street brawling of the Risen 2 debut trailer. In fact, Risen 2 may be one of the sunniest RPGs around. It's set among a series of Southern archipelagos run by pirates and brigands. The choppy waters between landmasses hide dozens of roaming sea monsters preying on ships and assaulting ports. A pirate RPG, with guns, and kraken? That'll do very nicely indeed.

Risen 2 is due out in the US on April 24 and Europe on April 27. Check out the Risen 2 site for more info, and get the latest screenshots below, featuring jungles, a really cheerful spider fighting an alligator, and lots of guns. Click to see them full size.

Risen 2 trailer talks pirates, inquisitors and faithful gnome servants

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Did Piranha Bytes decide to set Risen 2 on a series of pirate island so they could turn their studios into a pretend jungle? Possibly. The latest developer diary reveals more about Risen 2's factions and creatures and gives the devs the opportunity to squat in the middle of their cardboard forests like real adventurers. The inquisition return from the first Risen game, and it looks like we'll be choosing to side with them or the island natives over the course of the sequel. The RPG will come out in April. It looks interesting, but will we have tired by Skyrim by then?

Risen 2 release date set for April

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Risen 2: Dark Waters will arrive in the US on April 24 and in Europe on April 27, according to a post on the Risen 2 news page. This time The Nameless Hero will adventure through the archipelagos of the Southern Seas, discovering great treasures, fighting sea monsters and punching gnomes on the Isle of Thieves. Despite the gloomy tag, Dark Waters looks like it's going to be a colourful, sunny place to explore, and full of pirates to boot. Find out more on the official Risen 2 site.

Risen 2: Dark Waters dev diary surfaces

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Despite our tepid review of Teutonic RPG Risen, a lot of people went out and bought it. Which means one thing: sequel time. And sequel time means one thing: dev diary videos. And dev diary videos mean one thing: dodgily dubbed German people talking about their game.

Risen 2: Dark Waters eschews land-based RPGing in favour of going fully into pirate land. A YARRRPG, if you will. Here developers Piranha Bytes - whose studios appear to be in a garden centre - talk about the design of the game, and how they’ve made the jungles look especially jungley.

The most pleasing thing about Risen 2 is that it reminds me a little of Monkey Island, which gets namechecked in the video. But then I remembered that Pirates of the Caribbean reminded me of Monkey Island, and I’d rather get scurvy than have to watch that again.

Risen 2: Dark Waters trailer has pirates and voodoo

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The first Risen 2 trailer is full of the moody atmosphere of the first game. Grim men have serious and ambiguous words about something, then step outside to do some dirty fighting in the streets. The atmosphere may be familiar, but there are a few new series additions on show. Firstly: eye patches. Secondly: guns. Thirdly: giant sea monsters! Fourthly: voodoo?

Previous details and concept art of Risen 2 suggest that the game itself will be much brighter than this trailer suggests. The sequel will be set across an group of islands occupied by pirates and guarded by aquatic beasts. You'll find more artwork on the official Risen 2 site.

Risen 2: Dark Waters announced, will have pirates and guns

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Deep Silver have announced that Risen 2: Dark Waters is in development. The RPG sequel will take place several years after the first game, and will be set across a series of islands in a world devastated by aquatic titans. More importantly, it will feature pirates. Your nameless hero must explore a series of southern islands on the rumour that the local privateers know a way to fight back against the monstrous creatures of the sea. A new website has been launched, along with some concept art showing off the brighter, more exotic world.