First-person puzzler Parallax plays fast and loose with the law of gravity

Tom Sykes at

If your brain has recovered from Antichamber, you may want to subject it to the latest footage of Parallax, which turns the burgeoning 'first-person mind-f**k' genre on its head. This trailer shows off the game's unhinged definition of gravity, which doesn't so much obey the laws of physics as pull funny faces while they're trying to go about their business. Parallax is shaping up to be an unchained version of Antichamber, in other words, so there's every reason to be very excited about this upcoming release. Have your O, M and G keys to hand, as you'll need them after witnessing the following video.

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Puntastic puzzlers, pretty underworld platformers, robots party planners and games of expansionist imperial politicking: there are a lot of excellent upcoming games going unnoticed on Greenlight. We've done our bit to address the signal-to-noise ratio, bundling together the games we think are most deserving of a Steam release into the PC Gamer Greenlight Collection. Why not do your bit by throwing a few votes their way? Let us know in the comments if you've spotted other lamentably unchampioned titles.