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First-person puzzler Parallax plays fast and loose with the law of gravity

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If your brain has recovered from Antichamber (opens in new tab) , you may want to subject it to the latest footage of Parallax (opens in new tab) , which turns the burgeoning 'first-person mind-f**k' genre on its head. This trailer shows off the game's unhinged definition of gravity, which doesn't so much obey the laws of physics as pull funny faces while they're trying to go about their business. Parallax is shaping up to be an unchained version of Antichamber, in other words, so there's every reason to be very excited about this upcoming release. Have your O, M and G keys to hand, as you'll need them after witnessing the following video.

If you approve of the beautifully minimalist perspective trickery in evidence there, you can head here (opens in new tab) to vote for the game on Steam Greenlight. We recently featured Parallax in our big Greenlight roundup (opens in new tab) , and we're just as amazed by it as ever.

Thanks to RPS (opens in new tab) .

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