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Payday 2: Hotline Miami DLC announced

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Overkill has announced a Hotline Miami DLC update for Payday 2, being created in collaboration with the indie murder-'em-up's developer Dennaton Games. There's little to go on, besides a new live-action trailer. How the top-down jazz slaughter of Hotline Miami will work with the co-operative heists of Payday 2 isn't clear. Hopefully the connection will run deeper than some animal masks and an amazing soundtrack.

PayDay 2 Gage Assault Pack encourages you to barge in and kill everything

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Robbing banks can be a delicate process. As anyone familiar with PayDay 2 will know, it's often wiser (and more satisfying) to lay careful plans and quietly infiltrate. Of course, quietly infiltrating can get annoying after a while. Sometimes you just want to shoot something in the face with a huge rifle. Overkill Software knows this, so they've just announced a new PayDay 2 DLC pack themed around making as much noise, and inflicting as much pain, as possible.

Overkill's The Walking Dead is a co-op first person shooter set in the comic series' universe

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PayDay 2 studio Overkill has revealed a few morsels of information regarding its forthcoming take on The Walking Dead series. During a Reddit AMA, producer Almir Listo addressed some questions regarding the project, which will be the third The Walking Dead video game adaptation in as many years, joining Telltale's serialised adventure drama and Activision's FPS stinker.

Overkill are making a The Walking Dead game

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Overkill Software—you know, the guys who made Payday and Payday 2—have announced that they're making a new game based on The Walking Dead. Described as a co-op FPS "with elements of action, role-playing, survival horror and stealth", we can only hope it'll better than Activision's attempt to turn the series into a shooter.

Payday: The Heist goes free for one day in October

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If you fancy a free game about robbing and defending banks, then here's good news: Payday: The Heist is going free for 24 hours on October 18. This is happening thanks to the hard work of 1,050,000 fans, who undertook the laborious task of joining the PayDay 2 Steam group. It's part of Overkill's Crimefest promotion, which rewards loot to those who join the group, providing the studio reaches a series of membership milestones.

PayDay studio Overkill Software is preparing to announce something

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PayDay developer Overkill Software has posted a big counter on its website. It's more than a month until we find out what it's counting down to, which suggests something significant. What could it be? Well, it's going to be a video game, probably. Hopefully it's not just more PayDay 2 content, or a big song and dance about the PS4 and Xbox One editions of that game, because that's not very signficant.

Payday 2: Big Bank DLC trailer shows moral quandaries, karmic comeuppance

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What better way to promote your upcoming DLC heist than with a four-minute dramatic retelling of said heist from the perspective of a seemingly innocent bystander. Well, for one thing, a four minute dramatic retelling of said heist from the perspective of one of its active participants, but Overkill are saving that for the game itself. Also, in this Payday 2—Big Bank trailer: opera. And bobbleheads. As I say, it's a very dramatic retelling.

Payday 2: Big Bank DLC screenshots confirm that it is indeed a big bank

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Payday 2 already featured a bank level, because it's a heist game and so didn't have much choice. Its upcoming DLC—the game's second paid-for heist after Armored Transport—is slightly different. It's a bigger bank. Big Bank will, in fact, be the game's largest heist to date, featuring larger, improved vaults, and better rewards for those able to crack them. Overkill have released a new set of screenshots, giving you a chance to pour over the details before you rob the joint this June 17th.

Payday 2 update adds Infamy end-game content for dedicated players

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Veteran Payday 2 players will know that at a certain level—it happened to me around level 70 or so—you’ve unlocked all the guns you want and maxed out the essential skills. From there on, the game is still fun, but there’s not much left to do. There’s even less to do after devoted heisters to grind to level 100. Well, no more—the latest Payday 2 update adds an option to reset your skills and levels, start over, and become Infamous.

Payday 2 gets free DLC for Christmas, more content over next 20 months

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Payday 2 continues to crank out content for fans, including this week’s Christmas DLC—dubbed Charlie Santa Heist—which went out free to all players on Monday. To celebrate, Overkill released a surprisingly affecting trailer, assembled from the point of view of a 911 call, cell phone camera footage, and news helicopters.

Payday 2: Armored Transport trailer steals a look at a new heist

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I could have made a really funny joke about Overkill having pilfered the U out of their own title, but such geographically targeted japes have no place on an international news juggernaut. Having had such hilarity snatched from my hands, I'll have to settle for telling you about Armored Transport: a new Payday 2 mission pack that's planning to launch an attack on its co-op crime fans tomorrow.

Payday 2 director: open communication helps foster "a real connection" with players

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Developer Overkill Software has been uncommonly dedicated to communicating with fans of its recently released heist shooter Payday 2, absorbing feedback, and releasing sweeping overhauls of game systems. Payday 2 was solid but had a few problems when Craig reviewed it, but since release, Payday 2 has been updated 13 times, receiving a new heist, new masks, a rebuilt economy and unlocking system, new skill tree descriptions, and numerous balancing tweaks.

Overkill also frequently answers fans on Twitter with screenshots of new characters and plans for future updates. In a lot of ways, this continued support and free updating of a game is the kind of attention we’d see from the team behind an MMO. A Halloween update has already hit, and more free content is on the way. David Goldfarb, game director at Overkill, says that they plan to continue to support the game for the foreseeable future.

Payday 2 launch trailer takes you through a single moment of chaos

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If dense strategy isn't your thing, then maybe the dense action promised today's other big release is. Payday 2, the sequel to Overkill's criminal spin on Left 4 Dead style co-op, is out now. To mark the occasion, here's a launch trailer that sweeps through a single moment of chaotic heisting. Of course, being frozen in time, what you don't get is the near-incomprehensible shrieking of your friends as your carefully laid plans fall apart.

Payday 2 release date confirmed, is earlier than expected

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The problem with criminals is they're elusive. They'll do anything to slip the net and stop your from tracking them down. That's not the case for developers. They're pretty keen to let their players pinpoint the date and location of their games release. Which is why Starbreeze have blown the whistle on Payday 2, announcing the co-op heist game's plan to slip onto Steam next week.

Payday 2's latest video showcases the safehouse, boasts terrifying wall o' masks

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Payday 2 showcased its four different classes of dirty rotten robbers t'other day, and now it's time for a rundown of the lovely things you'll be able to do with your ill-gotten gains. Jaunt to the Bahamas? A squad of private jets? A controlling interest in Facebook? Don't be silly. You keep it all in a big vault in a run-down house, so you can rub it all over your body, Scrooge McDuck style. Which is to say that Payday 2 features a between-mission safehouse, and quite a nifty one too.

Payday 2 screenshots show robberies in progress, clown stealth

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The co-operative heist - a great idea for a game, and this time round Overkill are staying faithful to the high concept with Payday 2, giving players more time to plan their robberies and move in stealthily before doing the deed. Check out the latest trailer for some criminal footage, read our preview for more details, and catch some clowns red handed in the latest screenshots from E3 2013 right here.

Payday: The Heist's hidden vault unearthed by dedicated bank robbers

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If you have a good few hours of your life to spare, if you enjoy ludicrously convoluted treasure hunts, and you're ridiculously good at co-op heist game Payday, you might want to embark on the masochistic quest to discover its hidden vault. (Alternatively, just watch the following video). A dedicated team of players has followed the clues, ticked off an obscure set of criteria in the opening map First World Bank, avoided deadly gas and survived wave after wave of enemies, and finally uncovered the vault and its contents. Was it worth it? You tell us after the break.

Payday: The Heist developers rumoured to be working with Valve on a Left 4 Dead prequel

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We'd previously heard that Payday: The Heist developers Overkill are working on a game with Valve, but details were scant - all we knew is that it was Left 4 Dead related. Our megapals over at CVG cite a source as saying that it's going to be a Left 4 Dead prequel which details the genesis of the zombie uprising.

Syndicate makers Starbreeze hit Payday: the Heist devs with takeover

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Obviously inspired by the events of their recently released Syndicate, Swedish developers Starbreeze are out to get Overkill Software, the creators of co-op multiplayer bank robbery game Payday: the Heist. Starbreeze want to buy the similarly Swedish studio and fold them into the company under their banner.

Were Starbreeze to adopt the corporate tactics of Syndicate's Miles Kilo, they'd drop into Overkill's offices via future helicopter thing, murder everyone in the IT department, and pull something out of their CEO's brain. But somewhat fortunately, they're not doing that - they're going through the proper business channels and waiting on the go-ahead from their shareholders.

Payday: The Heist screenshots send in the clowns

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Did you ever hear the one about the four clowns who walked into an abattoir? No, you didn't, because crime is a VERY SERIOUS BUSINESS. Nine new screenshots have landed showing the Slaughter map, abandoning your traditional marbled bank vaults in favour of an icy slaughterhouse. In between the hanging carcasses, someone has hidden several safes full of gold, for no obvious reason, but that hardly matters. Where there's gold, there'a s posse of clowns somewhere who'll try and steal it.

Payday's four-man co-op squad vs. hordes of cops framework invites comparisons to Left 4 Dead, and with good reason. Instead of safe rooms, bank vaults are the objective, and instead of hordes of undead, waves of armed policemen are the fodder, but for all the similarities Payday has its own raucous attitude and sweary sense of fun that makes it an exciting prospect. It was one of Tim's favourite games of E3 this year. Check out his Payday: The Heist impressions to find out why, and see the new screens below.