Open beta

Spy Party casually enters open beta, hopes the sniper isn't watching

Ian Birnbaum at

Spy Party has been teasing us with its tantalizing asymmetrical hunter/prey gameplay for a long, long time. Last September we called it one of the brightest ideas in indie gaming, and at that point it had been in development since 2009.

The Secret World final beta weekend open to everyone who registers by Friday

Chris Thursten at

Funcom's conspiracies-and-monsters MMO The Secret World is coming out on the 3rd of July - and to celebrate, the developer is making the final beta weekend open to the public. If you register your interest on the official site by this Friday then you'll gain access. The beta weekend runs from 4pm GMT/12pm EDT on Friday until 7am GMT/3am EDT on Monday.

If you've been playing in any of the previous beta weekends, your progress has been saved - so you'll get to keep playing from where you left off. All three factions are available, and for the first time the persistent PvP will be opening up.

Download TERA tonight, play it free all weekend

Josh Augustine at

TERA's launch is less than two weeks away, and the developers of this heavy action-combat MMORPG are eager to stress test their servers to make sure it goes smoothly. So they're opening up the floodgates to anyone that wants to try out the game before its locked behind a subscription fee on May 1. But you still need to know the password to get in—we've got full instructions inside.

The Secret World open beta coming before Christmas? Nuh-uh, says Funcom

Nathan Grayson at

When you're constantly buried in a world of multi-tendriled conspiracies, smooth-talking secret societies, and all of history's greatest boogiemen, I have to imagine that it's easy to let tidbits of a less apocalyptic nature slip out. Such was thought to be the case when recent reports of an alleged pre-Christmas Secret World open beta date surfaced. Funcom, however, has finally set the record straight.

Rift open beta kicks off today

Tom Senior at

The slick inter-dimensional MMO Rift is about to throw open its gates anyone wants to give the game a go. A six day beta is about to launch. Read on for details of how to get in, and to see a spectacular new trailer showing one of the game's dynamic portal attacks in action.

Men of War Assault Squad beta to continue if 20,000 join Steam group

Matt Purslow at

Digital Mind Soft have provided gamers with a challenge: hit 20,000 members for the official Men of War: Assault Squad Steam group, and they will reactivate the open beta. Not only will they do that, but they'll let you play as the Soviets in it, too.

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