No More Room in Hell

No More Room in Hell update adds new maps, characters and difficulty mode

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Originally a Half-Life 2 mod (and the winner of our 2012 'Mod of the Year' gong), No More Room in Hell's standalone edition has just had a major update. The eight-player coop horror is now expanded with four new maps, three new characters, a new gun and a new 'casual' game mode.

This Halloween, there's No More Room in Hell—as a free standalone game on Steam

Michael Jones at

Take Left 4 Dead, add four more co-op partners, and make it so that one bite brings down a player. That's the gist of No More Room in Hell. The brutally challenging Half-Life 2 mod that won our 2012 Mod of the Year award has grown into a standalone game, and now it has a final Steam release date.

Indie and Mod DB narrows top 100 nominations for pick of the year

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Choosing the best thing out of a pile of really good things is always a tough decision, but hey, we're used to it. You too can participate in the careful choicemaking by voting for your favorite mod and indie game of the year over at Mod DB and Indie DB, where the top 100 nominations were just plucked from a gargantuan pool of over 9,000 mods and 5,500 indies.

First set of 10 Greenlight games approved for Steam - includes Black Mesa, NMRiH

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Today, Valve announced the first 10 games which have amassed enough votes of confidence on Greenlight to be approved for worldwide distribution on Steam. Among the chosen are Half-Life remake Black Mesa and our 2011 Mod of the Year pick No More Room in Hell. Each game will release independently in the coming months as its development is completed. See the full list inside!

Valve launches crowdsourced game submission system Steam Greenlight

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Greenlight, Valve's voting platform for indie game submissions on Steam, has just switched on, and eager developers are pouring in pitches for their games.

As an initiative by Valve to merge community interaction with its approval process for Steam publishing, Greenlight allows users to browse, comment, rate, and track indie games under consideration through bios, screenshots, and video collections. Several noteworthy names have already popped up, including our 2011 Mod of the Year pick No More Room in Hell, as well as Incredipede and The Intruder.