Indie and Mod DB narrows top 100 nominations for pick of the year

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Indie Mod DB awards

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Choosing the best thing out of a pile of really good things is always a tough decision, but hey, we're used to it (opens in new tab) . You too can participate in the careful choicemaking by voting for your favorite mod and indie game of the year over at Mod DB (opens in new tab) and Indie DB (opens in new tab) , where the top 100 nominations were just plucked from a gargantuan pool of over 9,000 mods and 5,500 indies.

With friendly vote buttons large and in charge until December 21, each database's 100 selections are sorted by genre and game for easy perusal. Numerous strong contenders vie for your mouse-click's thumbs-up, including noteworthy entries DayZ (opens in new tab) , The Dark Mod (opens in new tab) , Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (opens in new tab) , and Natural Selection 2 (opens in new tab) .

Current favorites leading the pack are Half-Life 2's powerful mod lineup—among which Black Mesa (opens in new tab) and our own 2011 Mod of the Year No More Room in Hell (opens in new tab) count themselves among the ranks—and role-playing indie games. You'll find Legend of Grimrock (opens in new tab) , Dear Esther (opens in new tab) , Mount & Blade: Warband (opens in new tab) , and others in the latter category. But like everyone's slowly expanding backlog of shame, plenty of other potentials yearn for your attention. Head to both (opens in new tab) award pages (opens in new tab) for the full lists.

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