Cliff Bleszinski announces BlueStreak, a free-to-play shooter from his new studio Boss Key

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Cliff Bleszinski is returning to the videogame business with BlueStreak, a free-to-play sci-fi arena shooter for the PC.

Extraction's - formerly Dirty Bomb's - closed beta now open for business

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It might be a little tough to recall the exact nature of Extraction, seeing how it's one of the blandest game titles around, but I'll help you out a bit. The game used to be called Dirty Bomb, and it still is Splash Damage's London-set free-to-play FPS. Whatever it's called, it's now entered closed beta - you can sign up for shooty funtimes right here.

Dirty Bomb renamed Extraction, will be published by Nexon

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You may remember Dirty Bomb from late last year, when I told you all that, "hey, look! Dirty Bomb is the name of a game!" Well now it isn't. What is the name of a game is "Extraction". In fact, it's the name of the same game. Splash Damage have rebranded their first person shooter, announcing its new, arguably blander moniker alongside a partnership with free to play publisher Nexon.

Warface trailer shows the adventures of a coin

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What's the best way to introduce more footage of Warface, Crytek's upcoming free-to-play multiplayer shooter? It's definitely not a combination of carefully choreographed combat interspersed with way too many camera cuts to a coin, a coin flipping through the air, a coin rolling over fingers, or a coin just sitting there. Nope, what we need is—oh, fine, Crytek, I guess you can somehow show us both more of the game and the symbolic importance of disc-shaped currency. It's not like your competing in the lens-flare-blasted theatrics market or anything, sheesh.

Ghost in the Shell MMO shooter due next year

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An MMOFPS based on the Ghost in the Shell Standalone Complex anime is due out in "the first half of 2014." It'll feature "fierce hacking battles between cyborgs fighting over strategic resources" and "a new concept that integrates artificial intelligence with the player"- wait, WHAT.

DOTA 2 will be available in Japan and Korea soon

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Dragon Nest's Tinkerer class takes on bad guys with a million-barrel gun

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Nexon just announced the next class for their cute-yet-deceptively-fierce action-combat MMO, Dragon Nest. The Tinkerer is all about big wrenches, bigger weapons, and using technology to bash her more fantasy weapon-inclined foes.

Nexon released gameplay and behind-the-scenes videos for the class. Take a look for more info on the new class.

Dungeon Fighter Online's new Male Mage class throws all sorts of elements in your face

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There's something wonderfully nostalgic about cruising through pixelated 2D levels KOing everything in my path, just like I did back in Double Dragon. Multiplayer beat 'em up Dungeon Fighter Online lets you continue the pain-dispensing alongside the more than 300 million other players signed up for the game.

This month, Nexon is adding a new class to the mix, the Male Mage, and we've the exclusive first look at how you'll be tearing up the world with fire, ice, and plenty of magic.

Free-to-play MMO publishers Nexon "interested" in buying EA

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MapleStory and Vindictus publishers Nexon are rumoured to be considering buying enormo-publisher EA, according to Bloomberg. The rumour caused a spike of 6.1 per cent in EA's shares, which have fallen by 23 per cent so far this year.

EA is the kind of company most people's grans have heard of, whereas Nexon sit firmly in the big-in-Asia category. But Nexon makes a lot of money from its free-to-play games - they reported an operating income of £714.51 million last year, which eclipses EA's mere £191.65 million.

Dota 2 China launch is "mandatory if we want DOTA to succeed" say Valve

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Enthusiasm for Dota 2 is steadily growing as more and more participants are invited into the beta. Dota 2 regularly features on Steam's most played list, but those numbers are nothing compared to the number of Dota fans worldwide. One of the biggest international markets is China. Tim spoke to Doug Lombardi recently about Valve's plans to bring Dota 2 to Chinese audiences.

"You’ve got to address that market, it’s the biggest DOTA population in the world, right?" he said. The problem is that Valve can't release Steam in China. Publishers need make distribution deals with Chinese companies to gain access to that vast player base. Valve have previously teamed up with Nexon to release Counter-Strike Online in Asia. Now they're looking to forge a similar deal for Dota 2.

Dragon Nest in-game goodies giveaway [US only]

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You put in your time with the family. You ate the cookies, you sat by the fire, you pretended that you could hear whatever grandma was mumbling just fine. But now it's you time. With skill-shot combat and an adorable anime-esque visual style, Nexon's action-MMO Dragon Nest is the perfect way to enjoy the rest of your holiday break. Battles aren't just passive skill rotations—you'll need to dodge attacks and string together combos if you want a chance at surviving. Yeah, cake-induced blood sugar spikes might set your reflexes back a bit, but you can give yourself an edge with a free digital bundle of Dragon Nest loot from Nexon itself.

Maple Story server hacked. 13.2 million Korean accounts compromised

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As reported on Kotaku via Yonhap news, Maple Story - the hugely popular Korean MMO - has had it's Korean database compromised by hackers. The incident has been reported to the Korea Communications Commission by developers, Nexon.

The Korean server was attacked last Thursday. Player's user IDs, player names, passwords, and residential registration numbers were all compromised. Don't know what a residential registration number is? You're probably not playing a lot of Maple Story on the Korean servers so don't need to worry.

The details were encrypted but Nexon recommends that anyone who might have used the same password on other accounts change it immediately.

You're probably used to doing that by now. Sony, Codemasters, Bioware and, most recently, Steam have all had their databases attacked by hackers. These are sad times indeed; Uplink was fun. This isn't.

EU giveaway: Win a Cyborg Rat and a ton of Vindictus cash

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It's competition time again! This week the folks at Nexon have teamed up with Cyborg Gaming are celebrating the official launch of Vindictus Europe by giving away a top of the line gaming mouse, some gaming lights and a bundle of in game cash.

Check inside for full details of how to enter and a peek at the goodies.

Video—the PC Gaming Press Conference @ PAX 2011

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A heartfelt thank you to everyone who attended our PC Gaming Press Conference last Friday at PAX. It feels damn nice to pack a room with PC gamers, and talk directly about some of the innovations, ideas, and good things happening on our platform. If you weren't in Seattle last weekend, we're delighted to bring you video of the full presentation. Inside this post, we've also broken out the video into timestamps for your convenience.

We're really looking forward to doing this again next year in a bigger way. Obviously we don't think of ourselves as the keepers of PC gaming as a platform, but if someone isn't going to get on stage, gather some exciting upcoming games and say nice things about the PC, by jove, we'll do it. To that end, if you have any suggestions for format, content, or who you'd like to see at such an event, let us know in the comments.

Vindictus trailer teases Xtreme Edition, EU closed beta landing in September

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[bcvideo id="1100181411001"]
Free-to-play action MMO Vindictus is heading to Gamescom, where the faster, deadlier Xtreme Edition will be playable on the show floor. Nexon have released the trailer above to prepare us for the Source-powered violence that will be hitting Cologne next week. Nexon also announce that they're planning to launch a European closed beta in September, shortly after the conclusion of the conference. To find out more about Vindictus, check out the official Vindictus website. Nexon will update the site with their closed beta plans closer to launch.

Exploring the new classes and revamped world of MapleStory's Big Bang

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MapleStory’s always been there for us when we felt the urge to destroy, burn, and/or punch cute things in the face. And, thanks to Big Bang, the free game’s latest expansion, therehas never been a better time to join in the addictive demolition of all that is adorable.