A glimpse into what LEGO Universe could've been

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On the eve of LEGO Universe's closure, we sit down with one of the game's concept artists, Mike Rayhawk, who shows off some of the game's gorgeous concept art. Along the way, we ask him questions about the game's development process, what it was like to build, and why he was so excited about where the game was going before it was shut down.

If nothing else, enjoy the awesome LEGO artwork and click any of them to view higher-res versions.

Lego Universe review

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I don’t know who Redboy31 is, but I want to be his friend. His player-built property, The League of Engineers, is everything I wanted my treehouse fort to be when I was a kid. It’s got a high wall guarded by big guns, friendly robots, a secret meeting room at the top of a huge elevator, and a prank lever that playfully zaps anyone who touches it!

It wasn’t until I began exploring the player-owned properties – the plots of land where players can build freely – that I understood what Lego Universe really is: an online realm of imagination where kids (and kids at heart) build secret forts and craft huge castles guarded by pirate boats in the sky; where ninja hideouts are protected by giant samurai robots and pirates who find cursed treasure are transformed into skeletons.

Bricks spilled on LEGO Universe MMO release

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Hear ye! Hear ye! Amateur architects, mad-scientists, and children everywhere--come forth, and help me find a yellow flat-top two-by-two brick. It's just the piece I need for my planet rover. You'll understand when LEGO Universe launches on October 26 this year.