Far Cry Z-DAY mod is not just a DayZ clone

Emanuel Maiberg at

It's a shame to let a good engine go to waste, especially when it can expertly handle a huge, beautiful open world. DayZ is the most obvious example, but Ubisoft clearly understood this as well when it made Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, which used the Far Cry 3 engine to build an '80s-themed spoof that was just as fun as the original game. The Far Cry 3 Z-DAY mod sounds a little too familiar, but the gameplay footage and explanation from the developer might win you over.

ModDB announces Mod of the Year award Top 100

Patrick Carlson at

End-of-the-year lists are great for shining a bright light on stuff we've missed and stuff we might want to see again. After starting with a number somewhere north of 10,000, ModDB's Mod of the Year award is down to its Top 100, a list of upcoming and released mods compiled after more than a week of player feedback.

Voting begins for ModDB's 2013 Mod of the Year

Phil Savage at

There are 10,000 mods eligible to be nominated for ModDB's 2013 Mod of the Year award, and eight and half days in which to nominate. Which means, if you want to feel really confident in your selection, you'll need to play 50 mods per hour from now until the end of voting. As those diligent heroes embark on their impossible task, the rest of us can settle for hastily picking our vaguely remembered favourites, all while chuckling at the discovery of who's sponsoring this year's competition.

CDProjekt RED picks best Witcher 2 mod from the REDkit beta

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Now that the Witcher 2 developer CD Projekt RED has opened its mod tools beta to the public, we get to see some of what was going on behind the scenes during the closed-beta phase. has an interview with the author of the closed beta's best mod, Philipp Weber aka Benzenzimmern.

Voting has begun for ModDB's 2012 Mod of the Year award nominees

Tyler Wilde at

Clear your schedule and make room on your hard drive: there are over 9000 mods up for consideration as ModDB's 2012 Mod of the Year award nominees, and only a little over five days to nominate them. A big green button on each mod's page makes it hard to miss the opportunity to give your favorites a bump.