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The Best Free Games of the Week

Tom Sykes at

Celebrate the weekend by playing a game that will remind you of the horrors of work, a game about collecting newspapers, a game about being a space pirate, and a game about deleting cybercards. If none of those tickle your fancy, how about a nice game of colouring-in? A nice game of colouring-in with deadly consequences - oh and a bit where you get to rummage around in a toilet. Bon appetit!

12 indie devs team up to make the dark, surreal, brilliant Experiment 12

Tom Sykes at

Chain games/worlds are a fantastic idea, and we need to see more of them. Case in point: indie mega-collaboration Experiment 12, for which 12 indie developers (including VVVVVV's Terry Cavanagh, Lone Survivor's Jasper Byrne, and Kairo's Richard Perrin) each developed a chapter of a wonderfully strange, often hallucinatory story, before passing it onto the next creator in the chain. The results can be found here.