Designing an Escape Goat 2 level with creator Ian Stocker

Wes Fenlon at

"My usual approach to puzzles is to build backwards," says Ian Stocker. Most of the 100 puzzles in Stocker's game Escape Goat 2 started that way—with a door for the goat to escape through and an idea of how it would get there. In early April, Stocker updated the Steam build with a beta level editor and Steam Workshop support. When the build launches out of beta, all of Escape Goat players will be able to create puzzles with the same tools Stocker used for his own levels.

To get a jump on the inevitably heated Workshop competition, I sat down with Stocker to make a PC Gamer puzzle. After 30 minutes of building and brainstorming, I've got a co-designer credit to my name.

Escape Goat 2 busts back into prison this September

Tom Sykes at

MagicalTimeBean's sequel to their demonic puzzle platformer was announced way back in January, but the wait is finally (nearly) over. As the website bleats, Escape Goat 2 will be out September 10th, and like all good goat-based games it will be DRM-free. Since we last looked, some new details and a trailer have come to light - you'll find them beneath the devious puzzle I like to call 'the break'.

Escape Goat 2 announced: new puzzles, a new art style, same goat (presumably)

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Devilishly entertaining puzzle-platformer Escape Goat is going to receive a sequel, as revealed to those fine folks over on Indie Statik. While the fundamentals - solve single-screen puzzle rooms as a platforming goat and its adorable mouse sidekick - will largely remain the same, the graphics are getting a complete overhaul, thanks to artist Randy O'Connor (who worked on Waking Mars).