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Primal Carnage wants you to Get to the Chopper in free DLC

Omri Petitte at

Lukewarm Media announced today the first DLC for its outrageous multiplayer dino-thon Primal Carnage, craftily titled "Get to the Chopper," breaks out of its cage later this month. Presumably lacking musclebound Austrians politely reminding you to board flying contraptions naow, Get to the Chopper nevertheless adds a new mode for hungry, hungry dinosaurs and tiny, tiny humans to roar and Wilhelm scream at each other, respectively.

Primal Carnage launches, trailer features hot double T-Rex action

T.J. Hafer at

Curious why that glass of water on your desk is vibrating? Indie humans-versus-dinosaurs deathmatch game Primal Carnage just roared out of the electric fence of its development enclosure and onto Steam for $15. Check out the launch trailer above, and read our impressions from the beta. Note: you will be required to provide your own John Williams soundtrack.

Primal Carnage: new footage of class-based dino-murdering indie shooter

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Gun-toting mercs face down Jurassic horrors in this bonkers asymmetrical multiplayer game from Lukewarm Media. Palaeontologists may well lament the historically unlikely class-based reptile-on-human mayhem, but who else could spurn the spectacle of an amassed force of allied Tyrannosaurs, Dilophosaurs, Pteradons, Carnotaurs and, of course, Velociraptors crashing against an army of tooled-up hunters wielding everything from netguns to flame throwers? Who? Show me them and I will show you a lonesome and dilapidated people, not fit for this world and its gaudy pleasures.