LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Lego Marvel Super Heroes demo now available to download

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Remember demos? They were totally a thing once, before the lizard-people that control the games industry conspiracied them out of existence. Thankfully TT Games, among others, have kept the fire alive - their latest demonstration version offering a chunk of the biff-happy Lego Marvel Super Heroes. The demo contains one level, giving you the chance to step into ripped trousers of The Hulk, and the sweaty, sweaty super-suit of Iron Man.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes gets a trailer, screenshots and cute mock comic covers

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A new Lego game tapping into Marvel's deep catalogue of super-weirdos was announced back in January. The concept of a Lego game set in the Marvel universe is a deeply pleasing one, particularly if it realises these thoughts I have about a plastic hulk barging through walls, scattering blocks all over the place. Oh hey, "leave a path of destruction as you smash through LEGO walls and throw cars using hyper strength" it says here - yaay.

Over a hundred Marvel heroes and criminals will be represented, including big-hitters like Hulk and Abomination and all the ones that have had their own films, like Captain America, Spider-man, the blonde one with the hammer, the grumpy one with the claws, the drunk one in the tin suit and the purple one with the insane bow skills. See a few of those chaps in action in the new Lego Marvel Super Heroes video and screenshots below, and enjoy some blocky variants of classic Marvel covers. They are adorable.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes announced

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At this point we can probably admit to ourselves that Lego games are better than the products that inspire them. After spending Christmas with a Lego-obsessed little brother, the disadvantages are obvious: they take forever to build, you inevitably have to hunt around the entire room for the final piece and, most importantly, they're not video games - and therefore are basically rubbish. So it comes as good news that there's a new entry planned in the adorable platformer series, this time focusing on the expansive cast of the Marvel universe.