Rumoured Steam stats leak suggests the existence of Killing Floor 2, Arkham Origins Blackgate HD

Phil Savage at

Hmm... HMM... Steam users are reporting that, for a brief period, visiting the store's stats page sent them instead to the Shadow Steam: a secretive and underground society where developers engage in spectacularly tense battles of "Petroglyph Games Developer Test App". The list appeared to forego the public applications of the Steam database, instead reporting those marked as private. Kind of like the exact opposite of what it should be doing. Of course, things are back to normal now, making it difficult to prove the veracity of the list. If the community's claims are true, though, it would suggest the existence of unannounced games like Killing Floor 2, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate HD, Half Minute Hero 2, and Battleblock Theater.

SimCity closed beta video shows starting tutorial [Update: poof!]

Omri Petitte at

Update: Aaaaaaand it's gone. EA yanked the video on copyright claims, but our suspicion of a marketing tactic still flows as strong as a properly laid sewer stream. Original story below.

Hmm. New SimCity footage has apparently been leaked (totally coincidentally, I'm sure) in the same window of time that EA's announced details on SimCity's beta. The video shows an 11-minute cut of the city-builder's tutorial guide from a closed beta version, one we saw ourselves when Maxis visited us last year.

Black Ops 2 multiplayer leak video shows 'finger guns'

Marsh Davies at

Some cheeky blighters have obtained what Activision are calling a “development demo build” of Black Ops 2, and uploaded a vid to prove it. It’s an extremely short snippet of action, and overlayed with a superfluous dev interview and some dreadful music, but it does show off the capabilities of the engine.

Guild Wars 2 leaked video reveals Mesmer as the next profession

Gavin Townsley at

Prepare to be Mesmer-ized. Yes, the regal Mesmer is the final profession to join the Guild Wars 2 class catalog. GamesReactor Denmark seems to have accidentally jumped the gun, posting the class trailer this morning, a few days ahead of the planned Wednesday morning announcement time. While not the most surprising of reveals, the leaked video shows off some fantastic-looking skills like teleportation, ethereal exploding clones, and even an area-of-effect invisibility spell. I'm guessing someone in Denmark wishes they were a Mesmer right about now.

The leaked video has since been removed, but according Guild Wars 2's official twitter account, more information on our favorite illusionists will be revealed Wednesday. I guess it's time to dust off my collection of fancy suits and mind bullets.

BioWare might change Mass Effect 3 script in wake of leak

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Probably as part of some diabolical, taking-candy-from-babies Reaper plot, an unfinished build of Mass Effect 3 was recently leaked onto Xbox Live. BioWare's troubles didn't end there, however, as a Russian website took a quick dip in the code and emerged with an equally still-in-progress version of the game's script. Unfortunately, that didn't stop many fans from taking it as the Gospel according to Shepard, and the world's biggest pitchfork and torch convention convened right here on our humble little Internet.

Unfinished or not, though, BioWare isn't writing off fan complaints. In some ways, says the developer, this leak might even be a blessing in disguise.

RUMOR: Dota 2 "leaked" patch notes reveal native livestreaming, heroes

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Disclaimer: none of this information is official! What we have here is a purported leak of ten changelogs for Dota 2 patches, and the numerous hero reveals that come out of this if you can read between the lines. If you're a Dota 2 fanatic, these changelogs could be your speculation-window into the future, letting you know whether or not your favorite hero will make it into the game. But know that any (if not all) parts of this leak could be fabricated, so take everything you read here with a massive grain of salt.