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Sword of the Stars spin-off The Pit released on GamersGate

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We didn't think much of Sword of the Stars 2 the first or second time around, but perhaps its roguelikey spin-off The Pit will fare better. The dungeon-crawling sci-fi RPG has just been released exclusively on GamersGate - presumably it will hit other online stores later - and this demo should give you some idea of whether it's the pits or not. More details below.

Sword of the Stars 2: Enhanced Edition review

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Sword of the Stars II was released last year in such a shockingly unfinished state that the developers issued a public apology. Thirteen months later, and this ambitious 4X space game has been allowed to boldly go for a second time. Sadly, while the bugs are (mostly) fixed, the game remains deeply frustrating.

Kerberos finally finish Sword of the Stars II, a mere year after release

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Waiting three days for UK Steam games to unlock is maddening enough, but waiting a whole year to be able to properly play a game you've spent good money on takes the biscuit - in fact, it takes the whole pack. Upon launch, Sword of the Stars II was a buggy, space weevil of a game, the strategy equivalent of the catastrophic Dungeon Lords. Thankfully, Kerberos has finally given the all-clear that it's reached the state it should have been at release. And it only took them a year.

Sword of the Stars 2 patch fixes some major issues, others said to persist

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Sword of the Stars II did not have a good launch, and its developer was quick to accept blame for what was an unplayable game for many customers.

Now the first of what is likely to be many patches has come out, this one addressing several crash issues, major bugs and gameplay problems, some compatibility problems with multiplayer, and some interface improvements.

Sword of the Stars II launches half-baked, developers apologize

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Well now, this is unfortunate. Mere days after leaving the launch pad, spacefaring strategy game Sword of the Stars II is adrift and burning in space. Players have cited numerous crippling issues - from missing tutorials to entire features gone absent to general instability. To their credit, at least developer Kerberos and publisher Paradox aren't denying it.

Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter released

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Fans of glorious space combat, empire building, and sci-fi space operas might be interested to know that Kerberos Productions' Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter is now available "on all major digital portals" for $40.

Sword of the Stars II looks like it packs an impressive visual punch, to judge from the trailer and available screenshots, and developer Kerberos says it emphasized 3D combat, starship design, and an epic narrative when designing this game.

Sword of the Stars 2 screenshots show glorious space war

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Space-borne strategy, Sword of the Stars 2 is out next week, and the new screenshots hosted over at Blue's News are just beautiful. Sword of the Stars occupies the strangely empty 4X space strategy genre. With only the likes of Sins of a Solar Empire and Galactic Civilizations for company, the Paradox published follow up should be welcomed with open arms by fans of glorious laser space war. See some of those very lasers tearing up the cosmos in the ten screenshots below and check out our Sword of the Stars 2 preview for more on the new race that will be invading everyone for the sequel.

Sword of the Stars II developer diary 4: Encyclopedia of the Stars

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PC Gamer routinely features Developer Diaries: tales of what goes on behind-the-scenes in the development studios making your favorite games. In this entry, Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter's Lead Writer, Arinn Dembo, details the challenging and rewarding task of fashioning and maintaining the series' vast cosmic narrative. For more information, read the first, second, and third entries, and let us know what you'd like to see developers discuss in future diaries in the comments.

E3 2011: Sword of the Stars 2 trailer goes beyond the Anti-matter era

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[bcvideo id="983373368001"]
Sword of the Stars 2 brings the new Mars 2 graphics engine to the 4X space domination game. You can see the effects of the new engine above in the E3 trailer, which showcases many of the new ship designs.

The additions being made for the by the sequel aren't just skin deep. There's a whole new playable race called the Suul’ka. The technology tree has been expanded as well. It will begin in the Fusion era, and progress "beyond the Anti-matter era," which is probably is the most exciting of all the made up future eras. Find out more on the Sword of the Stars 2 on the official site.