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King's Bounty crosses to the Dark Side for its latest expansion

Tom Sykes at

Somewhere in the great archive that catalogues all games releases, there is a hard-working drone with a clipboard and a marker pen trying to keep track of the King's Bounty series. It's been a mess of expansions, expandalones and DLC for those expandalones since Legend revitalised the tactical resource-based RPG genre way back in 2008 - but as far as I can tell we've not been treated to a proper sequel yet. The just-announced Dark Side isn't that mythical follow-up, but it is another standalone campaign, and one that lets you customise your hero's race for the first time. Will you be a fighty Orc, a crusading Demoness or a spellflinging Vampire? Look, I can't make these decisions for you.

Bonkers space sim Space Rangers HD: A War Apart sees the light of day

Tom Sykes at

Games That Are Out is a list that now includes Space Rangers HD, all the games released in the last three or four decades, and of course Pippa Funnell 3: The Golden Stirrup Challenge. That is also a game that is out. Space Rangers HD is of particular interest to us, however, seeing how it's a remake of one of the most batshit Trading Strategy RPG Space Sim Text Adventures ever made: Space Rangers 2. You can find it on Steam here.

Humble Weekly 1C sale offers Men of War and Kings Bounty for pittance

Phil Savage at

1C Company are the subject of this week's pay what you want Humble Sale. Not that you're being offered their full, expansive, and occasionally ropey back catalogue. Instead the bundle focuses on two of the publisher's more notable series. Included are a battalion of Men of War, and a king's ransom of King's Bounty. It's a great collection if you're looking for a large and meaty slice of turn-of-the-decade PC gaming.

King's Bounty: Crossworlds review

Jaz McDougall at

King’s Bounty: Crossworlds is an expansion for King’s Bounty: Armoured Princess, making it an expansion for an expandalone for the 2008 remake of the 1990 turnbased tactical RPG King’s Bounty. Much as in all of those, your job in Crossworlds is to heroically steer a horse around a medieval fantasy world, bump into evil generals, and fight their armies on a hex grid. Afterwards: XP and gold for all.