Steam, Schmeam: the Super Shock Bundle offers 13 indie games for $13

Tom Sykes at

If you can tear yourselves away from the Steam sale counter for just a minute, we bring news of a different sort of countdown, for the perhaps aptly named Super Shock Bundle. You're probably rolling your eyes right now at the presence of yet another indie bundle, but here's why you should consider rolling them back, as painful as that might be: the Super Shock Bundle will feature thirteen games, including VVVVVV, Home, Thirty Flights of Loving, Probability 0 and Cortex Command. The other thing to consider is that the offer's only open for seven of your Earth hours, starting today at 5PM UK time (that's 12PM Eastern Standard Time).

Pay what you want (above $1) for Game Music Bundle 4, with Dear Esther, Spelunky and more

Tom Senior at

Whether you're partial to the melancholy strains of Dear Esther, the thoughtful plinky plonky accompaniment to Indie Game: The Movie or the bluesy rawk of Shoot Many Robots, there's probably something in the latest Game Music Bundle to tickle your ears. You'll get the soundtracks mentioned above along with Spelunky and Retro City Rampage for any donation over a dollar.

Jottobots: an indie platformer that will brighten up your Saturday

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Saturday feels like a strange day to release a game, but when it's a game as wonderfully strange-looking as Jottobots, perhaps that's apt. It's the latest from Kyle Pulver of Snapshot and Offspring Fling fame, and this time he's collaborated with artist Jo. Otto Seibold to create a score-chasing platformer with a strikingly lovely art style. Or rather, he did in back 2009 for the ARTxGAME collective - he's had the game "sitting around" gathering digital dust since then. But now, today, we'll finally be able to play it, with a single dollar being the price of admission.