Jordan Magnuson

GameTrekking interview: "I released a new notgame from Cambodia today"

Duncan Geere at

Back in September 2010, TIGSource's founder Jordan Magnuson set off on an audacious project - travelling around South-East Asia, making indie games about his experiences along the way.

He called the project GameTrekking, and funded it with more than £3,000 of donations solicited from the web. Contributors to the fund get email updates from Magnuson and beta access to games in development, and those who contribute more get postcards from the road, links on his website, and even a credit in the games themselves, which are free, open-source and cross-platform.

PC Gamer spoke to Magnuson about doodling, genocide, and his experiences on the road.

Terrorist Killer guarantees collateral damage

Jaz McDougall at

Terrorist Killer, by Jordan Magnuson, is a game that makes a point without forgetting that it has to be a game. Tasked with killing a set number of terrorists and given foreknowledge of what they'll look like, your job is to pull the trigger when the crosshairs pass over your target.