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Kane & Lynch 2 demo released

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The Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Demo is out now. It includes a 20 minute story skit and a taster of the Fragile Alliance multiplayer mode, where you co-operate to pull off a heist, then decide between working together to escape or betraying your friends for profit.

Kane & Lynch 2: Multiplayer trailer

Jaz McDougall at

Kane briefs a bunch of crooks on their role in the multiplayer missions in Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. It nicely underlines the motivations and temptations of players during the round - work together, keep safe, and split the take evenly; or shoot your fellow crooks in the back and swag a larger slice.

Kane & Lynch 2 ditches GFWL - and it's good

Dan Stapleton at

I'm enjoying watching Square Enix hammer another nail into the Games for Windows Live coffin. A week ago, Bethesda announced that Fallout: New Vegas would drop Live integration in favor of Steam for all its achievement and DLC needs. Today, while getting my hands on the surprisingly promising crime shooter Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, it came out that the cops and robbers sequel would also drop Microsoft's reviled copy protection and match-making system.