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Sidescrolling sci-fi survival horror Dark Matter hits Steam and

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InterWave Studios' Dark Matter has been fairly quiet for the past year or so, but out of the blue the 2D sci-fi survival horror/Metroidvania has turned up on Steam and It's a game about crafting, about light and darkness, and of course about shooting creepy-crawly aliens in dimly lit hallways. Trailer after the break.

Dark Matter: a sidescrolling sci-fi Metroid-like from the creators of Nuclear Dawn

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Nothing good has ever happened on a spaceship. Nothing good will ever happen on a spaceship, so someone should probably stop Richard Branson before he dooms mankind to extinction via grisly alien parasites or a race of malevolent space-gods. Dark Matter is the latest game to offer proof of humanity's hubris. It's a sidescrolling survival horror/action/exploration game set - you guessed it - on a hulking piece of space-junk, populated by carnivorous aliens. It's due out next year, and InterWave Studios have just released its first gameplay video. You'll find it beneath the event horizon - but beware of a demonic Sam Neill.

Nuclear Dawn free this weekend on Steam, developers invite modders to get stuck in

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The multiplayer shooter/RTS hybrid Nuclear Dawn is going to be free to play this weekend on Steam. Its inventive map design, diverse classes and a smart commander mode impressed us in our Nuclear Dawn review, and you'll get double experience for playing for free. It'll be on sale all weekend at 40% off, and if you buy before Sunday you'll get an exclusive P-900 sidearm (in the game). Free guns! Free shooting of guns! What's not to like?

Nuclear Dawn review

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The year is 2049. A third world war has ravaged the planet, splitting humanity under two banners – the totalitarian Empire, and democratic Consortium of Free States. Nanite plagues have stripped most major cities bare, and fighting rages in every territory across the world. The biggest gun I have ever seen – seriously, it’s huge – is inexplicably mounted on Big Ben.

That’s the setting for Nuclear Dawn, a class-based multiplayer shooter that manages to take all the best mechanics of Team Fortress 2, but strips it of its cartoony silliness and adds a layer of serious-face real-time strategy over the top. Most of the time, you play from an FPS viewpoint as a footsoldier in one of the aforementioned armies, battling over a series of checkpoints that generate a steady stream of resources for the side that controls them.