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US Army Dismounted Soldier Training System is the greatest game you'll never play

Henry Winchester at

We first looked a the US Army’s Dismounted Soldier Training System back in May, but two new trailers have just been recruited onto the internet. Or something. It’s all powered by the CryEngine 3, which isn’t just a pretty games engine, but a complete environment simulator.

The first trailer, above, is billed as an in-game “cinematic”. It features all your usual manshoot elements, but it does look rather gorgeous. You need to remember that the engine’s rendering huge areas, too, rather than Battlefield 3 or CoD’s comparatively constrained maps.

US military commission $57m virtual reality training sim powered by CryEngine 3

Tom Senior at

The Dismounted Soldier Training System is a new military sim commissioned by the US government. The sim will be used to train new soldiers as early as next year, and cost a hefty $57 million to make. GamePro report that it's likely that most of this went on development of the the new technology that will capture soldiers' movements on a ten foot square pad. New recruits will experience the simulator through a virtual reality headset that will run from a state-of-the-art custom laptop strapped to their back.