Now Rock Simulator 2014 wants your money [Updated]

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Update: The developers have reduced the project's funding goal to $500.

Original: Rock Simulator 2014, then. That it exists is seemingly joke enough, but now its developers are asking that people help support its development. A new IndieGoGo campaign has appeared, asking crowdfunders for $5,000. Hilarious, right?

Unreal Engine 4 sci-fi horror game Caffeine takes to Indiegogo

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Caffeine, a first-person horror game powered by Unreal Engine 4, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. If it hits its funding goal, Caffeine promises to deliver a chilling, beautiful experience inspired by Doom 3, Condemned, and FEAR 2.

Shaquille O'Neal launches Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn crowdfunding campaign

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We might get to play another Shaq-Fu game, finally. Former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal and new developer Big Deez Productions has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to make a followup to 1994's Shaq-Fu, widely considered the worst fighting game of all time and one of the worst games ever, period. They’re hoping to raise $450,000.

Square Enix reveals first Collective games

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In October 2013 Square Enix announced it was partnering with Indiegogo to create a new crowdfunding platform called Collective, to help developers turn their pitches into games. Today, Collective went live, revealing the first three games that users can vote on.

Square Enix announces Collective, offers older Eidos IP to indie dev pitches

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Square Enix has announced it's partnering with Indiegogo to create a new crowdfunding platform called called Collective, to help developers turn their pitches into games. According to Collective’s site, indie developers can pitch their ideas to the Square Enix community. If, after 28 days, the pitch earns enough votes from the community, Square Enix will evaluate the project and decide if it’s good enough for a page on Indiegogo.

Darkwood trailer delivers top-down scares from the atmospheric horror roguelike

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Welcome to the twisted world of horror game crowdfunding, where a developer's most effective method for raising money is to scare the living bejesus out of their potential audience. Which explains this second chilling look at Darkwood, the top-down horror roguelike that's currently raising funds through IndieGoGo. At least they were sensible enough to stop the video from autoplaying on the funding page.

Darkwood tries to balance old-school gameplay and primal terror with an Indiegogo campaign

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The last time we saw Darkwood, we knew it looked downright creepy. What we didn't know is that Darkwood is going to try to reinvent the '90s survival horror game with a unique perspective, a dark setting, and a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Homeworld licensing campaign jets over to Kickstarter

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Back in January, web design studio teamPixel came out of nowhere with a proposition to save the Homeworld franchise from THQ's demise, asking for $50,000 through an IndieGoGo drive to fund a touch and GOG version of Relic's original space RTS and develop a full-fledged Homeworld 3 for the PC. The final tally of $13,675 fell well short of the mark, but teamPixel isn't powering down its efforts just yet, instead moving to Kickstarter for a second round of crowdfunding.

Riot - spread anarchy or enforce peace in this "playable documentary"

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Inspired by real-life social unrest in places like Italy, Greece and Egypt, Riot aims to show you "both sides of the fight", letting you pick either protester or police as anarchy spreads across the world. It's being lead by former Valve cinematographer and editor Leonard Menchiari - who has first hand experience of the Egyptian protests - and aims to ask questions about the cause and spread of violent action.

Ithaka of the Clouds: the latest adventure from the team behind The Sea Will Claim Everything

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Jonas Kyratzes has spent the last few years peeking into the Lands of Dream - a realm where "everything once imagined is real, as are many things no mortal has yet conceived of", brought to life by his own writing, the art of Verena Kyratzes, and more recently the exquisite music of Chris Christodoulou. After several free games set in the Lands, Kyratzes released The Sea Will Claim Everything, a sort of picture-book adventure game with a focus on storytelling and exploration. Now, he's taken to Indiegogo to fund Ithaka of the Clouds, a point-and-click adventure with a "funny, moving, bittersweet story", crafting, philosophy and bad puns, among other things - all in the biggest Lands of Dream game yet.

CraftStudio, "a game to make games," nearing funding goal on Indiegogo

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CraftStudio, an integrated set of collaborative game design tools, is nearing its $16,000 funding goal with a current balance of $12,010. Unlike Kickstarter projects, Indiegogo's "flexible funding" option will deliver the funds whether or not the goal is met.

The project, which began its funding campaign last month, is gaining public support for the reason most crowdfunded things do: it's pretty damn neat. CraftStudio offers blocky modeling, animation, level design, and game scripting tools in one package. It's a bit like a Minecraft-inspired GameMaker, except that its tools encompass the entire design workflow, and it's made to be a multiplayer experience, allowing "players" to collaborate in real time.