FreeCiv available in HTML5 browsers, worldwide productivity plummets

Ian Birnbaum at

FreeCiv has been in development since 1995, but that doesn't mean it’s stuck in the past. Everyone’s favorite not-Civilization nation-builder is now playable in browsers and on mobile devices so you can fully lose every waking moment enjoy multiplayer games anywhere you go.

Dune 2: play the strategy classic in your browser now, for free

Andy Hartup at

After 20 years in the desert, Dune 2 is back on PC. Ported from an open-source version of the game, the pioneering RTS – which laid the foundations for games like Starcraft 2, Total War and Command and Conquer - has been faithfully recreated in HTML 5, so you can play it in your browser without handing over a single grain of spice. Or any real money.

Flash 11 will support 3D

Jaz McDougall at

The war for control of 3D gaming on the web is about to get veery interesting. That's because Adobe are working on 3D support for Flash - the ubiquitous web plugin. Objects will fly out of your screen and blow up your FACE and EVERYTHING!  That means there are now at least three competing 3D web APIs - HTML 5, Flash, and the excellent Unity. So excellent, in fact, that it's been a bit of a one horse race. Read on for three excellent browser games in all three of the dees.