Guild Wars 2: Flame and Frost

Guild Wars 2's Flame & Frost: Retribution guide helps you finish (or start) its living story

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Guild Wars 2's living story is coming to an end, with yesterday's release of the Flame & Frost: Retribution update adding the final, heated battle against the Molten Alliance. If you've yet to finish this transitory questline - maybe because you've been busy throwing yourself at a series of pixelated platforms - ArenaNet have released a guide dedicated to getting you caught up before the Epilogue kicks in on May 12th.

Guild Wars 2: Retribution update brings Flame and Frost to an end, adds custom PvP arenas

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ArenaNet are teasing the finale to Guild Wars 2's four-part Flame and Frost update series. Retribution will close out the "Living Story" that was started back in January, with a quest to assault an experimental weapons facility and defeat the Molten Alliance. It's certainly a tonal shift after the happy pixel clouds and bright platforming of the MMO's last update.

In addition to the story's culmination, Retribution will also introduce a couple of PvP beta features - letting a limited number of players trial custom arena battles and spectator modes.

Guild Wars 2's guild quests explained - puzzles, bounties and chicken races inbound

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ArenaNet have published a detailed post explaining guild quests, the new mission type due to arrive in Guild Wars 2 with the upcoming Flame & Frost update. It looks like an enjoyable addition to the game, providing a range of team building activities for guild members to play through. So naturally, I'm going to obsess over the bit of the included video where player-chickens race around a track. I'm a massive child.

Guild Wars 2's second Flame & Frost update to add new PvP map, guild missions

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ArenaNet have detailed the next step in their four-part update epic, Flame & Frost. The second instalment, The Gathering Storm, will add a new PvP map, guild missions, a choose-your-own achievements system, and the next part of the game's Living Story. This time, the forces of good must hold back the titular storm. I assume it's a storm made of bad people, and not bad weather. I doubt even Tyria's talented citizens could battle an approaching cold front.