Hellgate tries its luck with Steam Greenlight

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Remember Hellgate: London? It was a near-future action-RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world shattered by an invasion of demons. The focus was on single-player gameplay but there was a strong multiplayer element to it as well, with PvP action and instanced, team-based quests. It was a cool idea (I thought so, anyway) but the execution faltered, and the servers were taken offline in early 2009. It was resurrected as a free-to-play online game a few years ago, but that didn't gain any traction with North American audiences either. Now it's taking a run at Steam.

Enemy offers turn-based tactics with a squad of retro game heroes, is now on Greenlight

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Enemy first came to my attention last year, when its Kickstarter campaign promised to deliver X-Com-a-like turn-based tactics with a retro game twist. Its items, abilities and, yes, enemies, are all drawn from gaming's 8-bit era, but the action takes place across fully destructible and randomly generated voxel environments. Enemy recently appeared on Steam Greenlight, and a new trailer shows how things have progressed.

Half-Life 2 mod NeoTokyo released as standalone package on Steam

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Competitive first-person shooters love to depict the gritty 'realism' of soldiers locked in an endless war of explosions and swearing. NeoTokyo isn't entirely different, but supplements its urgent shooting with cyberpunk and a nice soundtrack. After being successfully Greenlit in 2012, the Half-Life 2 mod is finally available to download directly from Steam—now entirely free from its SDK dependencies.

Now Rock Simulator 2014 wants your money [Updated]

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Update: The developers have reduced the project's funding goal to $500.

Original: Rock Simulator 2014, then. That it exists is seemingly joke enough, but now its developers are asking that people help support its development. A new IndieGoGo campaign has appeared, asking crowdfunders for $5,000. Hilarious, right?

ADOM, Logigun and 73 others get the Greenlight on Steam

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I have good news for those of you who can't wait to get your hands on Super Lemonade Factory, I am weapon or Car Disassembly 3D: Steam has given the Greenlight to 75 more titles, including those three and one that's actually been banned.

Steam Greenlight gives the thumbs-up at 75 more titles

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Another 75 games have made it past the velvet rope known as Greenlight and entered the not-as-exclusive-as-it-used-to-be club known as Steam, less than two months after the last batch.

Towns development halts after its sole developer abandons the game

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Ever since it appeared in late-2012, Towns has served almost as a warning for the dangers of Early Access—despite being released before Steam's alpha purchase model was officially a thing. Accepted through Greenlight, the developers launched the game before having implemented the majority of its promised features. Eighteen months later, and a Steam Reviews page filled with angry red thumbs suggests that those initial blueprints were never achieved. Now, it seems, they never will be. Florian 'Moebius' Frankenberger, the person most recently in charge of Towns' "ongoing development", has abandoned the game, effectively halting further production.

Road Redemption now available in alpha, providing you spend $40

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Thanks to the Road Rash series, a significant number of Mega-Drive owning '90s youths grew up with a nostalgic fondness for smacking people off motorbikes with chains and pipes and crowbars. Come the post-apocalypse, we'll be the ones wistfully thinking about 16-bit arcade violence as gangs of leather-clad caricatures patrol the abandoned highways. Until then, there's Road Redemption, the Kickstarted spiritual successor that's now available as an early access alpha.

Frontiers trailer heralds the exploration RPG's arrival on Greenlight

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Frontiers is doing well for a game with a UI font that looks distinctly Papyrus-esque. Last year, its Kickstarter trekked past the original target, securing over $150,000 for the exploration-based RPG. Now comes the next stage in the development pilgrimage: passing through Greenlight. Hoping to capture the interest of wandering internet travellers, creator Lars Simkins has released a new trailer for the game.

Ikaruga shoots its way onto Steam February 18

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It's been a long road, but four months after making it through Steam Greenlight, Ikaruga will finally land on Steam February 18. The shoot 'em up was first released in Japanese arcades in 2001. It came to the Dreamcast in 2002, then for a limited run on Gamecube in 2003, and then Xbox Live Arcade in 2008. A new set of features may help the Steam version find a bigger audience than ever.

Treasure mulling an original PC game, still no release date for Ikaruga

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In October last year, Treasure put its much-loved but little-played shoot 'em up Ikaruga on Steam Greenlight. We're happy to report that it has since been Greenlit by the community, and while it doesn't have a release date yet, Treasure is already looking to port its other games and even develop new ones for Steam.

Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut gets Steam release on October 31

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Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut, or the update to what I like to call “Twin Peaks: The Video Game,” is bringing its coffee fortunes, raincoat killers, and other survival horror nonsense to your PC this Halloween.

Greenlight Anniversary Sale offers deals on 50 greenlit games

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Steam is a distribution platform that thinks "because it's a Tuesday" is a good reason to cheapen up some games. As such, it's only to be expected that bigger milestones are an excuse for even bigger sales. Reasons like "because it's a Friday," or "because Greenlight is a year old". It's the latter that's cause for some series discounts, with an Anniversary event that flays up to 75% off some titles that have made it through the digital pageant.

Steam Greenlight approves largest batch yet, one hundred new titles greenlit

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Somebody has given the Steam Greenlight valve a kick, turning the previous slow trickle of accepted indies into a full-on flood. Instead of the usual ten-at-a-time approval process, today Valve have cleared one hundred games to be sold on Steam, with a view to stress-testing their system. An August 28th Batch Workshop Collection has been created to let you browse through the mega-list.

Cradle footage contains a sad robot lady, a flying bus, and a lot of cubes

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Cradle has one of those trailers in which the individual scenes make sense, but when put together you're left wondering, "er, what?" You build a robot lady, the robot lady is sad, a flying bus appears, another robot wears a fake beard, and then you're trapped in an oppressive cube hell. Throughout, there's a beautiful palette and gorgeous world to distract you from the fact that this doesn't make a lot of sense.

Stone Wardens announced, new tower defense RPG hits Kickstarter

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Indie developer Burst Online Entertainment has launched a Kickstarter project for Stone Wardens, its upcoming tower defense/RPG hybrid. Stone Wardens mixes tower defense mechanics with cooperative 4-player action and light role playing mechanics. Players choose one of at least four wardens, guardians from the game’s bright, Pixar-influenced world, and use a combination of active skills, pet-like familiars and statues of ancient, ancestral guardians to defend against the game’s Invader enemies.

RIOTs, legends, farming, and more in latest Steam Greenlight batch

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Valve has picked out six more titles to advance to distribution through its Steam Greenlight program. Using a mix of criteria, Valve sees enough interest in these games to push them to eventual release. The following batch was announced today...

Does Greenlight get enough attention? Not according to some indie devs

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Steam changed the way games are marketed with the introduction of Greenlight last year. Sometimes it feels as though every conversation ends with "And don't forget to vote my game up on Greenlight," even if you weren't discussing anything remotely related to video games. Greenlight's pretty prominent, is what I'm saying—but is it prominent enough? According to some indie developers: no.

Receiver now on Steam - realistic gun sim in a cyberpunk world

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Guns, hey? Ridiculously simple to operate, I've always thought. Just hold down the left mouse button for a unstoppable spray of bullets, laser beams, plasma, or physics. So why Receiver feels the need to complicate things is a mystery. Supposedly Wolfire's shooter - originally created for the 7-day FPS Challenge, and now available through Steam - attempts to map each function of a handgun to make it closer resemble real life. Wait, WHAT?! You mean to tell me that guns aren't fictional? Even the BFG? Why would anybody build that?

Sixth batch of Steam Greenlight games approved — Frozen Endzone, Death Inc, and more

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It seems like we were justrecommending that you vote for Frozen Endzone on Greenlight, and now it's become one of 18 games to be given the thumbs up for Steam distribution in the sixth set of approvals. A total of 83 games have now been approved via Greenlight's crowdsourced vetting sytem, 28 of which have been released on Steam so far. See the full list of new additions inside.