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Arma 2 Complete Collection gathers all post-release content into one pack

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It speaks volumes of the staying power of DayZ when it gets top billing in Bohemia's new $40 Complete Collection pack for Arma 2. It's a more extensive (and slightly more expensive) way of nabbing the required content for the zombie survival mod beyond the $25 Combined Operations, but it's also the definitive accumulation of Bohemia's best.

Bailed Bohemia developers return home after nearly 130 days in jail

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Bohemia Interactive developers Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar, both of who were detained and jailed in Greece for nearly four months on charges of espionage, have returned to the Czech Republic today after posting a €5,000 bail ($6,672).

Realism Theater: Watch this 100-man cooperative city raid in Arma 2

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Mil-simmer maestro Dslyecxi regularly orchestrates operations within Arma 2 as the leader of Shack Tactical, an established Arma 2 enthusiast group. He's caught our eye in the past with PVP convoy ambushes and large-scale training maneuvers. Chimney Sweep, his latest production, tops the scale of his previous stuff: a claimed 100 soldiers (two platoons' worth) bounding between the custom Cinder City map, which is filled with computer opponents using a custom headless client algorithm.

Report from the frontlines of Arma II: Private Military Company

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The dodgy business of contracted military firms and mercenaries make up the back drop to the next slice of DLC for ARMA II. The ten new missions added in Private Military Company will introduce a host of new weapons and vehicles, and provide a single player and co-op campaign in which you play as a new faction. Read on for more information and a video report from the front line in Takistan.