Golden Joysticks

Watch the 2013 Golden Joystick Awards live. UPDATE: winners announced!

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The 31st Golden Joystick awards are going down in less than an hour. Ken Levine will be there to pick up his lifetime achievement award, but there are many more prizes to grab for nominated game. What's the best indie game of the year? Who will take home the prize for most wanted game of years to come? And what will voters have nominated for their game of the year? Our own Chris Thursten is presenting the award for best online game, and the whole ceremony is being streamed live. Here's how to watch.

Why Driver: San Francisco should win a Golden Joystick

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With the Golden Joystick Awards just around the corner, we asked heroic PCG freelancer Chris Schilling who he thought should snag a coveted gong. Agree? Disagree? You should make your voice known by heading over to the Golden Joystick website before the vote closes on 22nd October. The winner will be announced on 26th October, but for now, it’s over to Chris to convince you of Driver: San Francisco’s charms.

Hitman Sniper Challenge comes to PC. Shoot men. Win stuff.

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Lately all our console playing friends have been telling us about this 'Hitman Sniper Challenge' thing on the tellybox. We of course affected an air of practiced disdain at their preposterous claims that a game not on PC could be good. But now it's on PC. So it must be good. QED.

Sniper Challenge is a promotional game for Hitman Absolution, those who score highly at shooting men in the head will earn prizes. Not achievements you understand, real, physical prizes like iPads and Sennheiser headphones, which are being given away monthly to the top scorers.

PC cleans up at the Golden Joystick Awards

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Whoa. When did PC gaming become so damn... award-winning?

PC has cleaned up at the Golden Joystick awards with a wealth of exclusives. And the non PC exclusive games that took an award? We get to play most of those too, only more anti aliased, and in a better resolution.

The best bit? Gamers voted for these. Real-life gamers with strong opinons. A record-breaking 2.06 million of them in fact. Well done PC gaming community - you rose to the challenge and pwned.

Click through for the full results. Don't agree with some of the winners? It's time for a furious debate. See you in the comments.

Welcome to the Golden Joysticks. Will PC dominate?

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The Golden Joysticks are happing in London right now. The prestigious award ceremony celebrates the best games of the past year. I predict PC will do extremely well.

Check out the video up there for the latest footage of the event, all thanks to Official Xbox 360 Magazine's Mike Channel.

We'll get the results online as soon as possible. The suits have just finished their lunch, so it shouldn't be too long now. Click here for the full shortlist.

UPDATE: We've embedded some predictions from the pros below. Click through and enjoy!

Golden Joysticks: Guess the game

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The Golden Joysticks are upon us and after his rage filled appearance in the Golden Joysticks shortlist video Tim is making another appearance. Here our mighty Editron is describing the game he voted for in the Golden Joysticks, but without telling you the name. What do you think he's talking about? The answer will be revealed on the Golden Joysticks facebook page later today.

If you want to cast your vote, go to the Golden Joysticks website and you'll have a chance to win some loot, including an Alienware gaming laptop.

Golden Joystick Awards voting open. Vote Minecraft! Win stuff!

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Voting has started on the annual Golden Joystick Awards, the longest running gaming award ceremony in the world. The Golden Joysticks are the only annual awards voted for by you, the gamers, which is why we want your help to make Minecraft a winner.

The smash hit indie game has been nominated in the new Best Downloadable category along with fellow PC Gamer favourite Frozen Synapse. It's a category mostly filled with console downloads, including big stars like Lara Croft and Sonic, so to see Minecraft take the top spot would be a real victory for the PC indie scene. Plus, can you imagine Notch's face? He's a lovely man who deserves a lovely award. Make it happen readers!

Pick your favourite FPS in the Golden Joysticks awards

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The year's hottest shooters of the year are going head to head at the Golden Joysticks. Only one lucky FPS will scoop the ITN Game On Shooter of the Year gong, and it's up to you to decide what gets the nod. And what gets taken out back and put down.

The Golden Joysticks: your games of the year

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The oldest and most prestigious gaming awards ceremony is now in its final voting phase for 2010. The shortlists have been decided, and all it needs now is for you to vote for your favourites in each category. Does Modern Warfare 2 deserve to beat Dragon Age? Is Mass Effect 2 a better RPG than Fallout 3? The public don't know, they need you to vote and tell them. Happily, you can do so right here.