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E3 2011: From Dust trailer is hauntingly beautiful

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2011's E3 is proving to be bountiful for fans of the word 'dust'. Hot on the heels of CCP's Dust 514, Ubisoft's From Dust is a god game, something in the mould of one of Peter Molyneux's world-shaping titles: Populous, and Black and White. It's also stylised and beautiful - something you might expect from the mind of Eric Chahi. From Dust tasks you with shaping the world around a tribe of mask-faced humanoids in an attempt to keep them safe from the rampaging elements. And yes, it looks like you can forgo all that nicety and just drop flaming chunks of rock on their villages. You cackling madman.

From Dust trailer goes lava mad

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Formerly known as Project Dust, From Dust is one of the most enigmatic and exciting projects on the PC gaming horizon. The god game hopes to take up where Populous left off, with a remarkable engine that will let players dynamically mould the world using the elements. Destructoid have the latest dev diary, which shows off the art design decisions behind Dust's gorgeous, shimmering worlds. There's more footage of the world shaping technology in action on the official From Dust site.

Peter Molyneux working on 256 player Populous in his spare time

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Peter Molyneux, the designer of the original god-game Populous, is working on something similar in his spare time. He's now creative director of Microsoft Game Studios, but on weekends he's making FeedMe, a version of Populous designed to be played by up to 256 people at a time.

He booted up his side project during the presentation, debugging a fatal error on the fly to give onlookers a rare glimpse of the game. Joystiq describe it as a high resolution version of Populous, but with a minimal UI. Molyneux, whose last games included the Fable series and Black & White, hasn't announced any intentions to release FeedMe yet. Given that he has Minecraft in his quicklaunch bar, we probably shouldn't expect it any time soon.