Giana Sisters

Humble Bundle and Games Done Quick unite to offer ten games for $25

Shaun Prescott at

Turns out the Steam Summer Sale isn't the only reason your wallet will be empty by the end of the month. Games Done Quick is a charity drive raising money for Doctors Without Borders via the reliably entertaining medium of the speedrun. Its Summer Games Done Quick schedule is running most of this week, and to celebrate the organisation has teamed up with Humble Bundle to offer up to ten games for a measly $25.

Humble Indie Bundle 11 contains puzzling, combat and multi-dimensional confusion

Phil Savage at

There are exactly 72.4 indie games released each day. Okay, so no, there aren't - I made that number up - but it often feels like there are. Certainly new games are being released at a rate that makes it all too easy to miss out on some quality stuff. To the Humble Indie Bundle's credit, it's consistently one of the most effective ways to catch up on some of the very best indie titles. Now we have the eleventh such bundle, letting you pay what you want for great games like Antichamber, The Swapper and Dust: An Elysian Tail.

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams developer launches new Kickstarter campaign

Perry Vandell at

Black Forest Games, the studio that kickstarted, developed, and produced Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, is delving back into the Kickstarter gauntlet with a new “Run and Gun” co-op platformer called Ravensdale.