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More Walking Dead possibly releasing before second season

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Telltale previously said the upcoming second season of The Walking Dead's continued tale can go in any direction, but eager fans might not have to wait until then for more of that sweet zombie-laden drama. Speaking to IGN, writer Gary Whitta reveals the studio is considering working on some interstitial content between seasons to shorten the wait.

The Walking Dead Episode 4 stats trailer collects morality, math

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Can moral decisions be quantified? Telltale continues to put out these little statistical recaps preceding the release of new The Walking Dead episodes. This one, covering the major decisions made by players in Episode 4 (penned by former PC Gamer Editor-in-Chief Gary Whitta), paint a slightly-reassuring picture of gamers as a group that won't necessarily doom their common man at the first opportunity. Watch on, but only if you're comfortable having Episode 4 spoiled well and spoiled hard.

PC Gamer US Podcast #310 - Mass Effect 3 Spoilers

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WARNING: That is not a cute or clever title! We delve deep into Mass Effect 3’s ending controversy as an act of charitable therapy. Better still, joining us to stick up for the storyteller is none other than Gary Whitta, former PCG Editor-in-Chief and current big shot screenwriter! Seriously, if you have not finished Mass Effect 3, put this episode on the backburner until you do. We won’t tell you again… okay, one more time. CAUTION: SPOILERS!

PC Gamer US Podcast 310: Mass Effect 3 Spoilers

PC Gamer US Podcast 250 -- LaserDeathCatFantastic

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Lock your doors, hide your laser mice. The Laser Death Cat invades PC Gamer's 250th podcast, just in time for another episode of the only gaming quiz show where arbitrary decisions and constant cruelty are the only rule: Catfantastic. Logan adjudicates our two teams of expert question-answerers--including two former PC Gamer editors-in-chief--on this Very Special episode. What year did Battlefield 1942 win PC Gamer's game of the year award? What engine were the first screenshots for Duke Nukem Forever rendered on? These lively questions--and other, audio-driven inquiries--are answered.

Only your download can appease the Laser Death Cat.