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Bit.Trip Fate traces a line towards Steam in time for the Summer Sale

Phil Savage at

In a last minute dash, Commander Video has slipped into Steam with a PC port of the fifth game in the Bit.Trip series, just moments before the digital behemoth closed its doors and launched the Summer Sale. Good thing he's been working out recently. Bit.Trip Fate takes classic schmups as its inspiration, repurposing the side-scrolling shooters in a musically-charged, faux-retro style.

Commander Video: Bit.Trip Runner becomes a free browser-based endless platformer

Phil Savage at

Commander Video takes the rhythm based auto-running of BIT.TRIP RUNNER and (deep breath)BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, and retrofies it into a browser-based endless platformer based on the sequel's 16-bit bonus stages. Think Canabalt, but instead of the catastrophic destruction of an invaded cityscape, you've got spiders and springboards and a constant stream of rainbows. Much better.

Bit.Trip discounts games for May'hem sale, hopes you see what they did there

Ian Birnbaum at

Just in time for the weekend, Bit.Trip has put a number of their games in a collection on Steam for 75% off. Bit.Trip Runner, Bit.Trip Core, Bit.Trip Beat, and Bit.Trip Void are available for $2.49 individually, or grab the entire collection to get the soundtracks as well.

Bit.Trip Runner 2 review

Jon Blyth at

Retro throwback? Rhythm action pixel pioneer? You can put Bit.Trip Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien in a box if you like – just so long as it’s a box with a decent soundtrack. While the endless runners queue up for your endless cash on mobiles, Runner2 is retro in exactly the right way: you pay for a curated, immaculately designed experience that’s drowning in its own charm.