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Project Reality: BF2 update ensures life after Battlefield 2's GameSpy shutdown

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Armed forces are closing in on the notorious multiplayer sympathiser, GameSpy. The matchmaking system is due to be terminated with extreme prejudice this coming Saturday, plunging the games it uses into an offline darkness. EA have said that many of their GameSpy-enabled games won't be updated with a new matchmaking solution. For Battlefield 2, that's meant the battle for online battles must now be fought by fans. It's not just the main game struggling to stay connected; its mods are also at risk. Thankfully, the most popular of those mods—Project Reality: BF2—has received a new update that will keep its multiplayer running.

"I did see some concept art for Half-Life 3" says Counter-Strike co-creator. Left 4 Dead 3 "looks great"

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Counter-Strike creator Minh Le has been talking to goRGNtv about Valve's most anticipated projects. He's seen artwork of Valve's next Half-Life game, and more of Left 4 Dead 3, which has been rumoured since the Valve database leak late last year.

Metro Redux officially announced, first trailer released

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First it was rumoured, then that rumour was confirmed, and now it's been officially announced. Metro Redux is a real thing and, for us PC gamers, it's also a bit of an odd one. It takes the two Metro games and bundles them into a re-released and upgraded package. We're no strangers to HD reboots, but neither game is particularly old. In fact, Last Light still looks rather good.

Evolve release date announced: Turtle Rock's co-op shooter stomps into view this October

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When fiction implies that humans are the real monsters, it rarely means it this literally. Evolve, the asymmetrical online shooter from Turtle Rock, pits four players against one hulking, monstrous friend—an evolving beast of destructive force. If you want to exercise your inner weird-jawed, growling colossus, you'll have the chance later this year. 2K have just announced the game's release date, revealing it will be available to clawed paws all around the world on 21 October.

Unreal Tournament interview: on transparent development, the best UT guns and "pure, fast action"

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Epic recently announced that they're making a new free Unreal Tournament game in collaboration with the UT community. This is good news. We like Unreal Tournament. Only yesterday, Andy wrote about his love for Facing Worlds. The monstrous flak cannon took the top spot in our roundup of gaming's greatest guns. With misty-eyed memories of frags gone by, we fired over some questions to Steve Polge, senior programmer and project lead on the new Unreal Tournament, to find out how this community collaboration thing will work.

On The Level: Facing Worlds, Unreal Tournament

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Every week Andy celebrates a great map, level, or location from a classic PC game in On The Level. This week it’s legendary Unreal Tournament map Facing Worlds.

Under the name Inoxx, former Epic developer Cedric Fiorentino designed some of the best multiplayer maps in the Unreal series. His most famous creation is Facing Worlds, a CTF map set on a spinning asteroid that anyone who played the original Unreal Tournament in 1999 will have fond memories of. I’m listening to Foregone Destruction by composer Michiel Van Den Bos as I type this—the map’s soundtrack—and getting hazy flashbacks to playing UT on my 56k modem, spamming the “My house!” taunt and launching Redeemer missiles at the opposing team’s tower.

Why our Wolfenstein: The New Order review is delayed

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Wolfenstein: The New Order releases tonight on Steam. Console reviews will start appearing in a few hours, but ours will be a little late. PC code for Bethesda's excitable alternative history shooter wasn't available early, so we can't bring you a verdict just yet. Rest assured, we'll be gunning our way through robo-Nazis with great eagerness to bring you our conclusions as soon as possible.

Arma 3 free weekend and free copy of Arma: Cold War as part of the Bohemia anniversary sale

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Bohemia Interactive are 15 years old. And while I forgot to get them a present, they're going to give you one: a free weekend trial of Arma 3, and a free copy of ARMA: Cold War. In addition, the entirety of the Bohemia catalogue is now on sale on Steam. If you're a fan of military simulations—or of underwater puzzle games about secret agent fish—it's going to be a weekend to remember.

Far Cry 4 announced: is set in the Himalayas, will be out this November

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It took me a moment to register that this was real—largely thanks to that audacious suit—but Ubisoft have officially announced Far Cry 4. It's coming to PC, current and last-gen consoles, is due out November this year, and will take place in an entirely new setting in the Himalayas. Don't worry: I've checked, and they do have tigers there.

Wolfenstein: The New Order launch trailer is ridiculous, but in a good way

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Wolfenstein: The New Order's trailers have been perfectly pitched to accentuate the inventive silliness of its premise. From the reappropriated music to the stoic delivery of ridiculous dialogue, it looks to be a fun old time with giant weapons. The launch trailer continues this trend: the highlight undoubtedly being an extremely silly back-and-forth about who's suffered the most long-term damage.

Less than 24 hours after launch, the SUPERHOT Kickstarter is funded

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Some super hot news for fans of time-bending first-person action. It's been less than a day since SUPERHOT blasted into view with it's rapid-fire barrage of trailer, Kickstarter and stylish gifs. Already, it's hit the $100,000 target, and that means two things. Firstly, it's funded. Secondly, there are still 29 days for its developers to tempt the crowdfunding public out of more cash. You guessed it: stretch goals.

SUPERHOT is back, is on Kickstarter, is looking SUPER HOT

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SUPERHOT! SUPER? HOT! If you didn't play the original Unity prototype—a product of the 7 Day FPS gamejam—then go do that, because it will go a long way to explaining my excitement at its expanded, more stylish return. The original was an effortlessly cool first-person shooter where time moved forward only when you did. It let you stop, assess you surroundings and plan your next move, but still suggested a pace that made you feel like a balletic bad-ass of bullets.

The expanded version? It hopes to be more of the same, only better looking and with more options, weapons and abilities. First though, the creators need to raise $100,000 on Kickstarter. A new trailer explains why you may want to help them.

4A Games opens new studio, working on another Metro and unannounced projects

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I am just now catching up with Metro: Last Light and am beating myself up for not picking it up earlier. 4A Games’ post-apocalyptic, subterranean world feels much bigger than what any one game could explore, which is why I’m happy to hear it’s opening a new studio and working on more Metro games.

Titanfall update reduces audio install time, adds "extreme" frame-rate support

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Installing Titanfall isn't something that you do lightly. In the time it took my computer to unpack the game's 50-or-so gigabytes of audio files, I was able to found a human civilization, learn to play the bassoon, and clear my email Inbox. It was the longest 15-20 minutes of my life. Luckily, for future generations, the process of installing Respawn's shooter will no longer visibly age the person doing it, as a new patch has reduced the audio unpacking time.

In addition, the patch adds a series of new features, including PC-only support for "extreme frame-rate support". Extreme, in this instance, meaning 144fps—which could be handy for those with a monitor that supports it. The update is out now, landing in preparation for the Expedition DLC due later this month.

Battlefield 4 adds Community Test Environment to help with netcode fixes

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It’s been six months since Battlefield 4 launched, and while DICE has made numerous improvements, it’s still suffering from a variety of issues. Most relate to its “netcode,” meaning damage registration and other player-to-player interactions. Last week, DICE launched another initiative it hopes will improve the game performance, and it’s asking for your help.

Titanfall DLC trailer takes you into the Swampland

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"THWOMPBOOOSH!" That's the sound of Respawn dropping the very first batch of Titanfall DLC right into your lap. Called Expedition and launching later this month, the pack contains three maps: War Games is based in the memorable training simulator from the game's campaign. Runoff is, uh, watery. And Swampland—the star of a new 'making of' trailer—is set among the ruins of ancient alien technology. This is my favourite.

Sniper Elite 3 trailer shows the tools of your trade

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I had problems with Sniper Elite V2, a game that seemed to think the best environment for long-distance ballistic action was a series of small corridors. But the premise remains strong: sneaking, stalking and sniping around a World War 2 battlefield, setting up all manner of stealth shenanigans with which to neutralise enemy soldiers. With Sniper Elite 3, the hope is that Rebellion will move the series' action into a more open environment. Judging from this new four minutes of game footage, that's exactly what they've done.

Titanfall DLC screenshots show pilot parkour across tall trees and neon shapes

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Walls? Robots? Trees? The pilots of Titanfall don't care what surface they're clinging to, as long as it offers maximum potential for headshots, explosions, or a wicked cool jump onto an enemy Titan's unprotected head dome. That's the lesson to be learned by this collection of Titanfall 'Expedition' screenshots, showing some of the new maps due to appear in the game's first DLC.

Project Legion announced, a first person shooter set in the Eve universe

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Dust 514 is a free-to-play FPS extension of the EVE universe, bringing Battlefield-style team multiplayer to New Eden. The problem is, you can only play it on PlayStation 3. That is, until Project Legion is released. This is a new shooter by CCP that will appear on PC. Rather than simply port Dust over—although the games do share some features—they’re creating something new.

Battlefield 4 fan-made video shows the cinematic side of war

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"Through my eyes, I will show you war," claims this first video in a fan-made series of Battlefield 4 shorts. What it should really say is, "through a position just behind and above my right shoulder, I will show you war," the action of the piece taking place entirely in third person. And while it may not have Kevin Spacey delivering a bitter polemic, it's still a nice reminder that DICE's shooter can be a dramatic and beautiful thing. When it works.