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Square Enix say sorry for Final Fantasy XIV, announce staff changes and free trial extension

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CEO of Square Enix, Yoichi Wada has posted a message to Final Fantasy XIV purchasers apologising for the state of the game, adding that the team in charge of the MMO had been restructured and the free trial period extended even further

Final Fantasy XIV free trial extended again

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Square Enix have announced that they will extend the free trial that comes with the game for another month, so that players can see the benefits of the November 25th patch without having to put down a subscription fee. This is the second time the free trial has been extended as the developers go to work trying to fix the many problems the game has experienced since launch. For those who want to know what will be contained in the upcoming updates, here's the comprehensive list of changes planned for the upcoming updates. You can read the extended trial period announcement over at the Final Fantasy XIV site. We recently interviewed Square Enix about the state of the game, and their plans to get it in shape.

Interview: Final Fantasy XIV developers apologise to unhappy players

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Final Fantasy XIV launched in September with both technical and design problems - our review gave the game 30%. So last week we sat down with producer Hiromichi Tanaka and global online producer Sage Sundi to ask them what happened, whether it could have been avoided, and what they're doing to address it now.

Final Fantasy XIV review

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The kindest thing that can be said about the Final Fantasy MMO is that it has a good intro movie. That movie doesn’t take ten minutes to load, it maintains a constant framerate and you don’t have to traverse a labyrinth of menu screens to play it. In short, it’s everything the game isn’t.

Final Fantasy XIV extends free trial, reveals update details

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If you've bought a copy of Final Fantasy XIV you'll have received 30 days free subscription. Because of the many problems that the game has experienced on launch, that 30 day subscription is set to be extended by a further month. A list of changes  planned for the next big patch has also been released, read on for the details.

Investor ragequits Square Enix over Final Fantasy XIV, sells 1% of the company

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Square-Enix share prices took a mysterious dive recently, but what was first assumed to be a misplaced stock sale was allegedly down to the actions of one disgruntled investor, who decided to sell his $26 million worth of shares in one go in protest at the release state of Final Fantasy XIV. It's the ultimate ragequit.

PC Gamer US podcast 242 – Craftastic

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The week can't end without a PC Gamer podcast, so we rounded up the staff, threw them in a tiny room, and made them talk about games until they passed the one hour mark by a long margin. As the saying goes, the internet done explode itself this week over Valve's announcement and immediately launching of a -items-for-cash system in Team Fortress 2. Thankfully our TF2 point-man, Evan Lahti, is on hand to guide you through the exact changes and the whole staff weighs in on what it means for the future of the game.

Download and enjoy.

Final Fantasy XIV offers PC gamers a creepy warning

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I've been playing some Final Fantasy XIV recently, and was surprised to be confronted by a strange message. It appears every time I start the game, and reminds me not to forget about my friends, my school, or my work. It's nice to know that SquareEnix care, but do they care just a little bit too much?

Free games for the long weekend [Giveaway]

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Those of us in the United States have a three-day weekend coming up, and this isn't one of those "family" holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. This is boring ol' Labor Day, which, for gamers, means that we're looking at a solid 72 hours of prime gaming time. But what about the gamer whose gaming collection has run low? How will they possibly fill the long weekend without new games to play? Don't worry, as always, PC Gamer's got your back. Here's our roundup of games with free-to-play weekends, open betas, or recently launched free-to-play games to keep you interested. And if that's not enough, we're giving away five retail games to keep you gaming all weekend long and beyond!

Gigasploding dragon meteors in Final Fantasy XIV

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This trailer definitely has some game in there. I saw it. It was hard to see it, because I was pretty busy laughing at the word "surcease", but it's there towards the end. Here's the trailer:

PC Gamer US podcast 237 - Consolidate the Dakotas

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At PC Gamer, we hate redundancy. We hate redundancy so much that we won't even tell you how much we hate redundancy. But we hate it. That's why during this weeks podcast, we decree that the two Dakotas shall be consolidated into one. And in between our political proclamations, we discuss all manner of PC gaming news, including:

Elemental’s disappointing launch and Stardock's responsible reaction to it
Cryptic announces upcoming co-op Neverwinter RPG
Final Fantasy XIV's decision to limit weekly XP gain ( Josh's FFXIV musings )
Portal 2's latest videos show off some complex puzzles and mind-bending solutions
Guild Wars 2 announces Necromancers, and they look as nasty as ever
A new Steam survey reveals our deepest, darkest secrets

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Final Fantasy XIV to limit how quickly you can level

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Final Fantasy XIV will ship with a system that will see avid players earning less experience the more they play.