CCP: new games are the best way to make EVE universe accessible, says CEO

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From intrigue and assassination to all-out war, EVE Online is a game rich with stories. But these systemic, player-driven narratives come at a cost: it's a complex game to learn. For CCP that posed a problem: how to introduce EVE's universe to new players, without further increasing the complexity of an already expansive MMO. The answer, CCP say, lies in games like EVE Valkyrie and Dust 514—titles that are still connected to the EVE universe, but present a separate and more accessible set of systems.

"For the longest time we were in the process of adding features to EVE in a way that made it horizontally complex," said CCP's CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, in an interview with PC Gamer. "It was a bad complexity. We want the game to be complex and challenging, but it shouldn’t be difficult to understand. Your achievements should be overcoming obstacles and collaborating with players, but it shouldn’t me managing too much complexity."

EVE: Valkyrie announced, promises multiplayer space dogfighting with the Oculus Rift

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CCP have just announce EVE: Valkyrie, the online, Oculus Rift-enabled space dogfighting sim, formerly known as EVE-VR. For fans of the now-deceased UK podcast, you may remember it as the game Tom Senior once described as like being "[CENSORED] out of an [CENSORED]". Enjoy working out what fits in those blanks. While details are still thin, a new trailer gives a taste of what to expect when the game is released next year.

A single mistake started the largest space battle EVE Online has ever seen

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Over the weekend, a massive battle erupted in everyone’s favorite extremely complicated space simulator/MMO, EVE Online. Thousands of players joined what became the largest battle in EVE’s history.

The incredible story of Reykjavík mayor Jón Gnarr and the birth of EVE Online

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The story of Jón Gnarr, who in 2010 was elected mayor of Iceland's capital and largest city, Reykjavík, could be mistaken for a story from EVE Online, the sandbox MMO created by Icelandic developer CCP. In EVE, players form corporations and take part in fascinating, often-bizarre political and military shenanigans. In Iceland, Jón ran for office as founder of "The Best Party," which he says wasn't, and still isn't, a real political party.

EVE's Odyssey expansion will bring much requested Starbase improvements

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EVE's Starbases (or Player Owned Stations) are supposed to be useful orbital structures that give corporations the ability to create a rest-stop in strategically important locations. Think motorway service station, but in space. Unfortunately, given that their acronym is POS, even CCP admit that the feature is "in need of several changes to bring them up to the usability standards of modern EVE". With that in mind, they're embarking on a series of improvements due to dock with the free Odyssey expansion in June.

EVE Online: Crucible arrives November 29. Going "back to basics" as promised

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The 15th expansion to Eve Online, Crucible, will be available for download on November 29.

This update is focused on bringing EVE "back to basics" and improving graphics, interface and mechanics. The expansion's targeted focus on improvement, not innovation makes sense; earlier in the year, CCP's CEO offered a sincere apology to the community for "losing sight of the simple things." Now, those simple things are CCP's primary target.

Click through for the first list of tweaks. CCP have promised to send us more details next week.

The Making of EVE Online

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Ingólfr Arnarson left Norway in a flimsy boat made of wood and beaten metal in 874 AD. He left to find somewhere colder, harsher, more unforgiving than his cold, harsh, unforgiving homeland. He found Iceland. A millennium and a century later, in the country Ingólfr forged, another set of pioneers got an idea in their heads. It was an idea of similar insanity and danger, one that demanded they brave high water to create a new existence. Like Ingólfr, they sailed off in the darkness of the Arctic winter for a new home. They found EVE.

The Reykjavik head office of CCP, creator of the galactic bastard sim, EVE Online, feels like an outpost on the edge of the world. Look at the right angle from the main boardroom’s giant windows and you’d swear human beings had never laid foot in Iceland – if it wasn’t for the few CCP staff members mid smoke-break gripping solid steel railings on the balcony outside and bracing against the wind.