Eternal Darkness

Shadow of the Eternals' retooled crowdfunding campaign didn't make its goal

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It's been a rocky road for Shadow of the Eternals, the Eternal Darkness spiritual successor that so desperately wants to grow out of the awkward conceptualization stage and become a real game. First there was the weird, Kickstarter-like thing on their own website; then came an actual Kickstarter campaign, which was quickly pulled for "retooling." Now, their final crowdfunding campaign has concluded without making its $750,000 goal, though the developer is not giving up hope.

Shadow of the Eternals pulls its crowdfunding campaign

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Shadow of the Eternals developer Precursor Games has "temporarily" withdrawn its Kickstarter campaign, with 15 days left in its funding period and with less than 10% of its goal met.

Horror classic Eternal Darkness gets a "spiritual successor" in Shadow of the Eternals

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If you had a GameCube back in the day, there's a good chance you had a copy of Eternal Darkness, the time-jumping survival horror that wasn't afraid to mess with your mind. Until the Age of Kickstarter began, hopes for a sequel were slim, but they just got a lot fatter with the reveal of Shadow of the Eternals, a spiritual successor hitting a crowdfunding platform near you this coming Monday. The best part, however, is that it's coming to PC - you know, if the game hits its $1.5m funding target. Check out the mildly terrifying teaser trailer after the break.