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DICE held off pitching Mirror's Edge 2 to EA

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Ever since DICE unveiled the much-anticipated Mirror’s Edge 2 back at this year’s E3, the question “Where is Mirror’s Edge 2?” has shifted to “Why’d it take so long to announce a sequel?” According to DICE head honcho Patrick Bach, the developer wasn’t ready to pitch a sequel to EA until just recently.

Titanfall drops a gameplay demo at Gamescom

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Details may still be a little slim about how Respawn Entertainment's fusion of multiplayer and narrative actually works, but that’s not stopping the former Call of Duty studio from showing off the rescue of your friendly neighborhood drunk in a new gameplay demo.

Morrigan won't be a party member in Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Electronic Arts may not have unveiled much of Dragon Age: Inquisition at this year's E3, but you could tell it hit the right note as Morrigan was greeted with cheers once she sauntered into view. Unfortunately, it seems our favorite practitioner of the dark arts won’t be joining the team in Inquisition.

EA exec: DICE-developed Battlefront almost didn't happen, Mirror's Edge 2 only possible now

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Electronic Arts may not have introduced too many new IPs at its E3 press conference, but with a new Mirror’s Edge and Battlefront game underway, it didn’t really have to. The internet has been salivating over those two franchises for years, hoping beyond hope that the massive publisher would come through. Thanks to an CVG interview with Executive Vice President of EA Games Label Patrick Söderlund, we now know more about what was going on behind the scenes.

Battlefield 4 video showcases updated engine with nice waves and soldiers falling over cones

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Don't say "levolution," don't say "levolution" OH NO THEY SAID IT. Bah. It's worth wading through the buzzwords in this Battlefield 4 video though for a look at what the latest iteration of the engine can do. EA have employed DICE to free them from the cash-drain of third-party engine licenses with their own bespoke tech, so Frostbite will be ubiquitous among EA titles for many years to come. Every engine has a flavour, don't you find? Unreal has its super-chunky character models. Source has its hoppy crouch-jumping and regular loading breaks. What will Frostbite's be? Based on Battlefield 3, I thought it'd be glistening camera-smear. Never have soldiers gone to war with such dirty eyeballs. See if the situation has improved in the video below.

Titanfall devs explain multiplayer-only decision and "single-player feeling world"

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People in walking, jet-boosting tanks tend to attract a lot of attention, but what of the industrious men and women who make sure that tank doesn't blow a gasket the second you turn the ignition? Don't they deserve to say at least a few words before fleeing from my path of carnage and mayhem? In the behind-the-scenes video shown at EA's press conference, Respawn's devs take the chance to explain their creation.

AMD claims Battlefield 4 optimized for them, EA responds

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It’s been a good year for AMD. After becoming the sole video card manufacturer for next-gen consoles, the company is touting its hardware as the optimized platform for Battlefield 4, though IGN reported that statement as encompassing every Frostbite 3 game. EA was quick to soften the statement.

Dead Space 4 not in active development, Visceral working on something new

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Put your plasma cutter replica back in its case and stuff your necromorph-stomping boots in the closet, because it looks like we aren’t getting a new Dead Space game anytime soon. In an interview with Eurogamer, EA Games label boss Patrick Söderlund confirmed that the space horror franchise is going on hiatus while Visceral Games works on something else.

Medal of Honor developer Danger Close is no more

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DICE may be developing every single game at Electronic Arts that doesn’t involve dribbling or scoring touchdowns, but where does that leave Danger Close, the developer known for making the recent Medal of Honor games? EA took the franchise out of rotation back in January, and it appears the developers have received the same treatment as well.

Tom Clancy's The Division devs are "not ruling out any platforms for the future"

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Tom Clancy's The Division developers Massive are keeping their options open for future expansion beyond the announced Xbone and PS4 versions. They're currently "optimizing the experience for next gen consoles" they say on Twitter, but they're "not ruling out any platforms for the future."

The "online open-world action-RPG" enjoyed a very good showing at the Ubisoft press conference on Monday. It's a third person shooter set in a crumbling plague-infested New York city. Squad-based combat against NPCs morphed into a PvP battle towards the end of the video, which raises questions about the size of that online world. Latency still hamstrings precise shooting mechanics on servers above a certain scale. I wonder if games like The Division and Bungie's Destiny will be divided into more manageable 50-100 player servers, a la Day Z.

Mirror's Edge 2 described as "open world" by EA

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What's this? It looks like the Mirror's Edge prequel/reboot might be an open world affair according to EA Labels president Frank Gibeau. CVG note that he described Mirror's Edge as an "open-world action adventure game" in the EA E3 2013 analyst call.

Mirror's Edge appears in EA's "new & reimagined" category alongside Ultima, Command & Conquer, Star Wars Battlefront and Titanfall. Gibeau also says "there are probably about five or six new IPs that are fully owned and we haven't announced yet," though they could easily be part of EA's IOS and console plans.

EA exec discusses the company's next-gen future

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“Going above and beyond the call” was one of Electronic Arts’ many jabs at its rival during the marketing campaign for Battlefield 3, but an EA exec now thinks focusing on its competitors was the wrong move.

Battlefield 4 stream is showing multiplayer games live from the E3 2013 show floor

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As I write a helicopter is on fire trying to strafe the top level of the Shanghai skyscraper that collapsed in the impressive E3 demo yesterday. The Battlfield 4 multiplayer livestream is up, showing live feeds from the 64 networked PCs running BF4 on the show floor. It's a good opportunity to tour that huge new map though, word of warning, they seem to be saying the word "levolution" a lot. Aha! The skyscraper just collapsed. It turns out that fills the whole map with dust, and repositions the capture point at the top of the skyscraper in the midst of its wrecked foundations. Watch the chaos below.

Command & Conquer trailer introduces generals, opens beta sign-ups

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EA and Victory Games' Frostbite 2-powered free to play take on Command & Conquer has received a new trailer announcing that beta sign-ups are now live on the C&C site. Our Craig suggested that there's "more micromanagement than micropayments" in our C&C hands-on, and it is looking quite pretty. Even without a grand factional metagame, it should give the suddenly-quiet End of Nations a run for its money. Of course, much will need to be done to shift the cynicism attached to the free-to-play label, but footage of some plump explosions and bolshy tank columns isn't a bad place to begin.

Star Wars: Battlefront lives on in DICE-developed sequel

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At its E3 conference today in Los Angeles, Electronic Arts announced that Battlefield developer DICE will be making a new game in the Star Wars: Battlefront franchise.

Mirror's Edge 2 announced with debut trailer at E3 2013

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To a chorus of internet cheers, DICE finished the EA E3 2013 press conference with a trailer for the forever-rumoured long-awaited sequel to Mirror's Edge. It seems to have retained every glimmer of the clean, polished vibrant environments that made the first game so unique.

"We are still in early stages of development writes senior producer Sara Jansson on the Mirror's Edge site. "We don’t want to rush anything. We want to make sure we create an experience that lives up to high expectations" She adds "I feel privileged to be leading the charge on a new Mirror’s Edge featuring one of gaming’s most inspiring and true heroines."

Apparently it will be out "when it's ready." Watch the first trailer right here.

Battlefield 4 screenshots show next-gen shiny nose effects, leave no boat unburned

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EA have released a few crisp new screenshots from the Battlefield 4 demo they showed on stage at the Microsoft E3 2013 press conference. The demo showed a squad battling to the deck of a carrier shattering under the weight of enemy fire in scenes not dissimilar to the Modern Warfare 3 showing a few E3s back. Falling off huge breaking structures seems to be the main addition to the Battlefield formula at the moment, but ooooh, look, reflective floors, reflective water, reflective noses!

Plants vs. Zombies 2 release date announced, PopCap hints at PC release

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It’s been a long four years since the original Plants vs. Zombies defended our lawns from the undead horde, but PopCap’s sequel to the beloved tower-defense franchise finally has a release date—for iOS devices. We already knew PvZ 2 would come out in July, but the iOS exclusivity comes as a bit of a shock. We asked PopCap if and when it would release the undead-slaying, botany simulator for the PC.

What we want from Mirror's Edge 2

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Mirror's Edge was beautiful - a fluid freerunning game set in a gleaming city, with smartly designed platforming and the loveliest office furniture in videogames.

It was also flawed in interesting ways. How might you fix the sluggishness of its combat? How might you avoid the frustration of losing momentum, or improve the pacing of the game without alienating one group of fans or another? How might you develop its story?

Naturally, we have some ideas.

EA to discontinue Online Pass program thanks to consumer feedback

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It's safe to say that Online Passes are unanimously despised. Designed to stymy the value of secondhand games, the uptake of the initiative by major publishers has been met with scorn by consumers. So much so that EA will discontinue the program for all forthcoming titles, according to EA senior director of corporate communications John Reseburg.