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Titanfall minimum system requirements revealed

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They are upon us, like hulking metal warriors raining from the sky: Respawn Entertainment's Vince Zampella announced on Twitter today the minimum system requirements to run Titanfall on PC. Our Large Pixel Collider whirred with amusement at the mere mention of the word "minimum," but here they are.

BioWare still undecided on Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer

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Dragon Age: Inquisition producer Cameron Lee has made a suspiciously uncommitted statement about a multiplayer mode for the game: "The Mass Effect multiplayer stuff is really good, so we've certainly looked at options like that, but we haven't decided on anything in terms of multiplayer at this point," Cameron tells OXM at a preview event. The statement is the latest in what is now a years-long tease about a multiplayer mode, which would be quite the novelty for a fantasy role-playing game of this type.

Battlefield 4 double XP event starts today

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Assuming that the game is now stable enough in order for you to take advantage of it, Battlefield 4's double XP weekend for Premium members begins today. Previously scheduled to ring in the new year last Sunday, December 29, the event was postponed due to the "intermittent connectivity" issues we've been covering since the game launched in late October last year.

EA faces class action investor lawsuit over quality of Battlefield 4

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Did you ever crash to desktop and wish you could sue Electronic Arts over the buggy, unstable quality of Battlefield 4? Well, if you bought stock in the company between the dates of July 24, 2013 and December 4, 2013, you can! Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP is seeking to file a class action lawsuit against EA and "certain of its officers and directors," with the claim that EA knowingly misrepresented the quality of Battlefield 4 and how it expected it to preform financially. This is on top of a similar investigation led by Holzer Holzer & Fistel, LLC.

Battlefield 4 patch fixes crashes, stops players from being shot behind cover

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Maybe we should all start buying multiplayer games three months after launch. Releasing an online monolith that'll be played by millions is complicated business when there's no way to stress test against those huge numbers, but Battlefield 4's problems extend beyond connection errors and crashes to its shooting systems which, as a shooter, are almost all of its systems.

Fortunately, patch-o-geddon continues. The latest one fixes a bug that could see you shot to death if changing stance into cover. A desync while crouching could leave your phantom hitbox head exposed even when your vision was safely behind scenery. DICE have also "increased the camera height when crouching and moving to more accurately reflect the actual height of your soldier", cranking soldiers up from Tom Cruise to Liam Neeson altitudes. There are also some crash fixes, which are listed below, as lifted from the latest update on Battlelog.

DICE halts development of all future projects as it shifts focus to Battlefield 4 issues

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Publisher Electronic Arts announced that DICE is halting development of all future projects and expansions until it sorts out issues currently affecting the PC and console versions of Battlefield 4.

Battlefield 4 China Rising DLC, patch out today

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Developer DICE today released a patch for Battlefield 4, as well as the China Rising DLC, which it celebrated with another very explody trailer.

Battlefield 4 Mythbusters video shows that you can revive friends in midair, save them by diving on bombs

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Server troubles aside, Battlefield 4 is as bonkers as previous entries in the series, as the mythbusters team have discovered. For example, you can dive on a planted bomb while screaming "noooooo!" and absorb the force of the explosion with your body, saving your friends from certain death. Or you can dive after a dead friend who's falling off a skyscraper and revive him with electric paddles in midair, allowing them to activate their parachute and glide to safety. A Hollywood action movie director somewhere absolutely needs to steal this sequence for their finale. Michael Bay, this is your chance for redemption.

The video also shows a man shooting a rocket through the gap in a chopper to hit another chopper behind it. Time to spend the next ten games of BF4 trying to replicate this in a live environment.

Battlefield 4 dogged by major launch issues: connection errors, glitches, dodgy netcode

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Where to start? That must be the big question facing DICE right now as they try and wrangle Battlefield 4 into a stable state. Players have been reporting disconnection errors, freezes, crashes and a smattering of bugs. DICE have tabled a list of fixes they're working on on the Battlefield 4 forums, which includes a bug that stops server queues from working and various client instability problems.

Titanfall PC release date confirmed, won't require Windows 8

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Respawn Entertainment announced a March release date for its debut game not too long ago, but didn't go into more details than that. Would it be a timed exclusive for the upcoming Xbox One? How long would PC gamers have to wait? Would Respawn require Windows 8 for its robot battles? Thankfully, all of these issues have now been cleared up.

Battlefield 4 China Rising release date is early December for Premium members

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Battlefield 4's first expansion pack, China Rising, will be with Premium players on December 3, Videogamer note. Players who opted for the pricey premium package get the five planned BF4 Xpacks two weeks before general release, which means China Rising should be available for everyone on December 17. It'll add four new maps set in "the vast and majestic Chinese mainland", which will be full of new vehicles and "high-tech military equipment". Please be lasers, please be lasers, please be lasers.

Fifa 14 review

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FIFA strives to mimic the off-pitch strategy and on-pitch tactics of real football, and in the 12 months spent with each annual iteration, its fans become accustomed to the weight of its physics and the subtleties of its animations. As one of those fans, I’ve learnt the possible arcs of an aerial through ball, and the movements of teammates off the ball. When you’re so carefully attuned to the small details that make up a game, even a sequel that changes very little still manages to change everything.

Battlefield 4 beta impressions: campers, connection issues and collapsing skyscrapers

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Clan leader John Strike charges into the Battlefield 4 beta to find out what's new, old, better and broken.

Why was I nervous? It wasn’t like I was at a job interview or even meeting my girlfriend’s favourite dog for the first time. Yet here I was sitting at the computer at 8:55 AM, my bottom chewing on my underpants in apprehension at the beta release of Battlefield 4.

I've poured 900 hours into Battlefield 3. As a clan leader, I couldn't help but fear for my ruthless band of buddies should Battlefield 4 not cut the mustard. Casting my mind back to Battlefield 3’s beta some two years ago I knew what problems to expect: connection problems, performance problems, clipping problems. I feared that the beta might collapse harder and faster than Seige of Shanghai's destructible skyscraper. At first, it did.

EA's new CEO: "I envision EA as the World's Greatest Games Company"

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EA has a new CEO: VP of EA Sports Andrew Wilson took the throne today, filling the seat John Riccitiello left behind in March. In a blog post, Wilson describes a plan to keep on doin' what they're doin', saying that EA's strategy is sound, and that continued investment in next-gen consoles and "mobile and PC free-to-play" is the thing to do.

Battlefield 4 open beta opens October 1, Shanghai skyscraper trembles in fear

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EA's chief operations officer chap, Peter Moore, has revealed an October 1 start date for Battlefield 4's open beta run. It'll feature "Conquest mode on the Siege of Shanghai map" according to a note on the BF4 beta page, which means we get to fly helicopters into that shiny central skyscraper until it flops into the sea.

There's also a mysterious and yet-to-be-detailed "exclusive" beta for those who pre-ordered the Battlefield 4 deluxe edition, or bought Battlefield 3 Premium, or, in extremely dedicated cases, bought and endured last year's Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition. To the latter, I feel you pain, but hold fast. Your reward is almost here.

DICE talks Battlefield 4 weapon attachments in blog post

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We’ve already seen buildings fall and the English language get its throat slit open in an alleyway next to said building, which means now’s the perfect time to look away and turn our attention toward everyone’s favorite thing: weapon attachments.

DICE held off pitching Mirror's Edge 2 to EA

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Ever since DICE unveiled the much-anticipated Mirror’s Edge 2 back at this year’s E3, the question “Where is Mirror’s Edge 2?” has shifted to “Why’d it take so long to announce a sequel?” According to DICE head honcho Patrick Bach, the developer wasn’t ready to pitch a sequel to EA until just recently.

Titanfall drops a gameplay demo at Gamescom

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Details may still be a little slim about how Respawn Entertainment's fusion of multiplayer and narrative actually works, but that’s not stopping the former Call of Duty studio from showing off the rescue of your friendly neighborhood drunk in a new gameplay demo.

Morrigan won't be a party member in Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Electronic Arts may not have unveiled much of Dragon Age: Inquisition at this year's E3, but you could tell it hit the right note as Morrigan was greeted with cheers once she sauntered into view. Unfortunately, it seems our favorite practitioner of the dark arts won’t be joining the team in Inquisition.

EA exec: DICE-developed Battlefront almost didn't happen, Mirror's Edge 2 only possible now

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Electronic Arts may not have introduced too many new IPs at its E3 press conference, but with a new Mirror’s Edge and Battlefront game underway, it didn’t really have to. The internet has been salivating over those two franchises for years, hoping beyond hope that the massive publisher would come through. Thanks to an CVG interview with Executive Vice President of EA Games Label Patrick Söderlund, we now know more about what was going on behind the scenes.