Dying Light

Dying Light launch is going to happen sooner than expected

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In an unusual and unexpected development, Techland's zombie parkour game Dying Light has been slightly un-delayed. The game was expected to come out in February 2015 but the studio announced today that it will actually be here a month earlier.

Dying Light studio shows off "Natural Movement" in new development diary

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Dying Light was pushed back into early 2015 in order to give Techland more time to polish the game's parkour system. Today the studio offered some insight into what it's been up to with the release of its first development diary video, which looks more closely at how players will use "Natural Movement" to make their way around a city overrun by the risen dead.

Dying Light trailer proves that every game should feature grappling hooks

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I can't think of a single game that wouldn't be improved with a grappling hook. Football Manager, Euro Truck Simulator—oh God the possibilities are endless. Even if your game already features a grappling hook, you can always add more. And you should. This hot-button grapple opinion is sponsored by the news that Dying Light is going to feature a grappling hook. This will let you quickly get up buildings like some kind of...Man-Spider, without having to suffer the deep humiliation of using a ladder. In less exciting news, Techland's parkour zombie game will also include four-player co-op and swimming sections, as shown off in this new Gamescom trailer.

Dying Light E3 gameplay trailer shows us we're all murderers of zombies

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"I'm not a murderer," the man in the new Dying Light trailer says, mere moments before setting off on a murder spree notable for both its creativity and the staggering number of victims. But is it murder if the victims are already dead? These are the questions that you may, or may not, ask yourself as you bury your hatchet into the forehead of a staggering, shambling creature that used to be somebody's mother.

Dying Light delayed into February 2015, letting us enjoy the sun a bit longer

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Techland have raged against the Dying Light, an act of raging so effective that it's pushed their Mirror's-Edge-but-with-zombies game into 2015. Dying Light was originally scheduled to release this year, the year we're in, 2014, but they needed a bit more time to polish their parkour system, buff their zombies' rotting flesh, and whip up an emotive yet entirely unrepresentative backwards-slow-motion trailer. OK, maybe not that last one. You'll find Techland's statement below.

Every game at E3 2013 and its PC release outlook

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Now that the blinding glare of every major publisher simultaneously projecting marketing at us has dimmed, we have a clearer picture of what E3 2013 revealed, what's important to us, and what we expect to be playing on PC within the next couple years. And here it all is.

Dying Light's debut trailer is a race for survival

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The very first video for Techland’s latest zombie-survival game might not carry the same emotional weight as their previous game’s debut, but weight is the last thing you want when the infected are sprinting after your delectable flesh.

Dying Light is a new survival horror game by Dead Island developer Techland

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"Developer known for zombie games making a new zombie game" isn't terribly shocking news, but what if I told you they were going to twist it up with a day-night cycle and a dash of Mirror's Edge? Dying Light is Techland's current project, a zombie-infested horror game that encourages fleeing across an open-world tropical town's unexpectedly parkour-friendly rooftops. Check out the first screenshots of your flailing feet, as well as zombies wearing an awkward amount of face paint.