Jet Set Radio HD trailer takes on Tokyo

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In case you missed it last week, Jet Set Radio HD is coming to PC! The news was so nice and unexpected that it made me feel slightly fuzzy inside, and I since haven't been able to shake a powerful urge to put on massive headphones and spray the news on nearby walls. That that, The Man! Yeah! Jet Set Radio HD will hit our hard drives sometime during the summertime. Find out more on the Sega blog. The new trailer above shows that the remake will indeed be a slightly sharper version of the original. That'll do just nicely.

Jet Set Radio HD is coming to PC

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Did you spend the year 2000 skating around cities, spraying tags and dodging angular cops in Jet Set Radio? Firstly, you're forgiven for gaming on a Dreamcast and not a wondrous gaming PC, secondly, good news! Eurogamer mention that a HD version will be coming to our monitors, resplendent in updated HD loveliness.

Those stylish, cel-shaded lines should stand up quite nicely after a bit of high-definition polishing. If you're so excited you can feel your fingers reaching for a spray can dodge the inevitable ASBO and plough your creative, anti-social urges into the new competition on the Jet Set Radio site. You can design new in-game graffiti for prizes.

Sega Dreamcast Collection coming to PC

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Sega have announced that a collection of Dreamcast classics will be making their way to PC, to be released on January 25th in Europe and on the 29th in the US. Read on for more info, and a video that you aren't likely to forget in a hurry.