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Gearbox has more Borderlands DLC in development, but don't expect as much

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If you follow the happenings of Pandora with any form of regularity, chances are you know Gearbox is pumping out Borderlands 2 DLC past what was originally promised (and paid for) in the original Season Pass.

Sanctum 2: Ruins of Brightholme DLC launches with new trailer

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Coffee Stain Studios released a teaser trailer for Sanctum 2's latest batch of DLC, and while the video might not have as many cheesy lightning bolts as the previous DLC’s trailer, I suppose raw gameplay footage is an acceptable option as well.

BioShock Infinite DLC details: new plasmids and weapons, no hacking

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BioShock Infinite Creative Director Ken Levine held an impromptu Q&A session over Twitter on Wednesday, handing out bits and snippets of information regarding Booker and Elizabeth’s return to Rapture in the upcoming DLC, Burial at Sea.