See Doom partially ported into Garry's Mod

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As far as giving an older game the Source treatment, GhorsHammer's gmDoom port project is probably the quickest to elicit a "Holy %)#@" out of me since Black Mesa. It chainsaws out the UI, enemy, and weapon sprites from the proto-FPS and stitches them into Garry's Mod with astonishing smoothness. I can't imagine how downing a Strider with a blast from the BFG would work, but after seeing it in action in GhorsHammer's video, I can't imagine how it wouldn't work.

What we want to see from Doom 4

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Apparently refusing to avail itself of the teleportation technology that kickstarted its earliest predecessor, Doom 4 has been creeping towards us slowly from the shadows since it was announced in May 2008. Since then it’s been teased, mentioned, and even glimpsed in a leaked selection of artwork that suggested anyone looking for finely detailed neo-classical balconies was in for one serious thrill ride when the game finally arrived.

We’re less focused on the neo-classical balconies, though, and more on the shooting and the hellspawn. Here are a few ideas we’d like to see propping up the big first-person shooter’s return.

Quake II turns 15, id releases celebratory factoids

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Quake II was one of the first FPS epics to espouse the pristine logic of firing rockets at one's feet to jump higher. Id's memorable shooter didn't skimp on the bullet count as well, and in celebration of its 15th anniversary yesterday, Creative Director Tim Willits shared a few did-you-knows (via Eurogamer) surrounding the art and multiplayer.

Play over 300 emulated DOS games in your browser

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The team over at RGB Classic Games is giving us our nostalgia fixes in the form of Java-based DOS emulation. They currently host over 300 games from days of yore including Doom, Commander Keen, Earthworm Jim, and many more that didn't get spotlighted because they were too far down the alphabetically-organized page. And it's totally free.

Voting has begun for ModDB's 2012 Mod of the Year award nominees

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Clear your schedule and make room on your hard drive: there are over 9000 mods up for consideration as ModDB's 2012 Mod of the Year award nominees, and only a little over five days to nominate them. A big green button on each mod's page makes it hard to miss the opportunity to give your favorites a bump.

Brutal Doom mod update adds custom fatality animations

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In the word of Dethklok frontman Nathan Explosion: "Brutal." Originally released in March, the Brutal Doom mod furnishes Doom's buckets of blood, steaming guts, and ultra-violence with a critically missing element: more buckets of blood, steaming guts, and ultra-violence. We're talking extreme Chunky Salsa Rule here. A freshly spawned Halloween update provides custom fatality animations as you RIP AND TEAR into Hell's minions.

Doom 3 BFG trailer features new missions and retro action

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Doom 3 BFG edition is out this week, which makes it the perfect week for a Doom 3 BFG launch trailer. The repackaged, updated version of Doom 3 comes with 3D vision support and a new seven-level segment called The Lost Mission. The Resurrection of Evil expansion pack is included, along with Doom and Doom 2. The whole package is available at a budget £20 / €30 price point.

it sounds like Doom 3 has been significantly polished up with "improved rendering and lighting," more sensibly placed checkpoints and, countering one of the biggest points of contention, an armour-mounted flashlight. That should stop you from having to constantly choose between being able to see and being able to defend yourself. You can absorb some of that information in visual form with bonus demons in the launch trailer below.

Doom 3 BFG Edition will feature entire Doom series, seven new Doom 3 levels

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id Software is Dooming us like we've never been Doomed before. Publisher Bethesda Softworks has announced the Doom 3 BFG Edition, which will feature the series' entire catalog, including Doom, Doom 2, Doom 3, and Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil, as well as an added "Lost Mission" with seven new levels. The release date and pricing are TBA, but it's coming sometime this year. Check out the trailer inside.

Romero: upcoming indies should stop "waiting for permission"

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Loot Drop's John Romero has been offering advice for upcoming indies during the "Back to the Garage: The Return of Indie Development (From Those Who Were There and Some Who've Just Arrived)" talk at GDC. Romero has previously worked on Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM and Quake, and is regarded as one of the first ever indie developers. He says these days there's too much too much procrastinating and not enough developing going on.

"This whole getting a job question, it hasn't really changed that much since the 80’s," he said.

Rumour: Doom 4 'indefinitely postponed'

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Update - RockPaperShotgun let us know that Peter Hines has called this rumour 'complete bollocks'.

Kotaku are reporting that id Software's Doom 4 has been put on hold following Rage's launch issues. Kotaku's unnamed source tells them that Bethesda felt that the problematic launch demonstrated a "a serious lack of confidence" in the id management. These rumours are of course just that, and must be taken with a grain of salt.

In our Rage review Rich enjoyed the game, but found it very linear and old fashioned. While opinion was more divided over it during the our recent podcast. What do you think?

Doom no longer banned in Germany, determined to be "Mainly of historical interest"

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Joystiq report that historic first person shooter Doom has finally been unbanned in Germany following an appeal by Bethesda Softworks. The classic game was originally restricted to adult only stores, like pornography, but after some seventeen years it has finally been given a 16+ rating.

The BBC claim that Bethesda argued that the dated graphics lessened the impact of the game's violence, with the classification board deciding the game was now "Mainly of historical interest" and unlikely to be played by children.

Restrictions on Doom 2 have also been lifted, but some versions remain banned because they incorporated levels from Wolfenstein 3D, which uses Nazi symbols.

Rumor: Doom movie reboot in the works

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There's a rumor flying around that Universal Studios is shopping around for a script to resurrect Doom as a movie franchise, this time cashing in on the 3D craze.

It makes sense that with id working on Doom 4, parent company Bethesda Softworks would want to push for some increased brand awareness. However, the original 2005 Doom movie farce, which concluded with stars Dwayne Johnson and Karl Urban settling their differences in a fist fight after never actually shooting anything with the BFG, didn't exactly leave anybody clamoring for another one - after all, Doom's "Oh no, space demons!" storyline was never much more than an excuse to circle-strafe and shoot rockets at ugly things. So I can't say I'm really looking forward to this. How about making that too-expensive BioShock movie instead? Or Mass Effect? Or Half-Life? Or Deus Ex? Hell, I'd rather see a Duke Nukem action parody film.

Anybody here more excited about this than I am?

Crap Shoot: Doom - The Novels

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Richard Cobbett gets knee-deep in a good book. Well, a book. Well, a Doom novel. The surprising thing isn't that they wrote one. It's that they wrote four of the damned things...

When I think of deep in-game narrative, I think of Doom. The plot twists. The heartbreak. The comedy. The romance. In Doom, we had not merely gaming's Citizen Kane, but its Ulysses, its Plato, and its Lady Chatterley's Lover. Its levels were more than mere shooting galleries. They were metaphors for life itself, from Central Processing representing the doomed folly of seeking ultimate control, to the searing portrayal of nihilism versus optimism in the wittily named "Military Base". How could it not spawn a set of four novels? Only if it had spawned five, just to really explain its philosophical underpinnings and clarify its take on the quintessential existential crises in a world where the Devil exists and has a shotgun.

Truly, this may be the most underrated series in Western Literature. Or, just perhaps, not.

10 amazing Kinect PC hacks

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Microsoft have recently dropped hints that they might be planning to officially bring the Kinect to PC. If they do, they'll be hard pushed to improve on some of the user made applications that have been appearing since the Kinect was successfully hacked. We've gathered together some of the best below, including a program that turns you into a superhero, another that lets you play Call of Duty: Modern Warfrare with your body, an 80's synth pop music video creation tool, and more.

Reminder: there was a Doom comic, and it was hilarious

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Three years after the game itself, there was a comic of Doom. Wouldn't that just be panel after panel of a guy shooting some demons you ask, coming scarily close to the truth? Yes. What the comic actually adds to the unthinking carnage is not plot, but a constant and inspired stream of consciousness monologue bellowed by the deranged hero Doomguy. Classic lines include, "Allow me to communicate my desire to have your guns!" and "Rip and tear your guts! You are huge! That means you have huge guts! Rip and tear!" Some choice panels, and a link.

50 games to play at work

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Playing games at work shouldn’t just been seen as idling. You are exercising your mind, taking it to a mental gym. So we've compiled a list of 50 games you can play at work.